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SportsTalk Live: Fantasy picks for Week 4



  1. Calvin Johnson0:38
  2. AJ green0:55, 1:19
  3. FaceBook page0:11, 1:07
  4. Christian Ponder0:49
  5. Broncos1:02
  6. Raiders1:03
  7. Washington0:00, 1:30
  8. Obama0:28
Thu, 27 Sep 2012|

Machine Generated Transcript

CSN Washington dot com. Our world interactive with you folks your sports talk a lot go to the FaceBook page the -- -- football -- to play mean B Mitch tees up on me to the one right now I don't -- absolutely really these days -- stuff. And -- he'll go out there when they're they were the LT who want you all but one particular team you have until the -- -- until sat there and I. But I don't think okay Obama quarterback and -- -- -- why. Yes they're planning its sights inaudible with rookie eagle -- -- -- -- airlines did but running back tomorrow a must surely it's a -- Calvin Johnson that our receiver. I got my made Graham at tight end and my defense I'm taking it takes. Thought I've held up and wanna be a -- but I got to look at it all out -- -- Christian Ponder. Golden said you did you wake up for what Ernie Packers I'd like I like him -- -- that things defense AJ green a save with a we saw what it did last week and keep on -- resolves the hall of Famer a kid put him on that. And that Broncos defense against the Raiders they should get it done so goal. Talk FaceBook page sports talk live it -- your own team that was supposed to last week. And a sign up and in the winner. What you get on TV in the -- guess. I don't know if the -- there have been AJ green to you know as you can -- buys time. Was to win this was nice to the staff -- -- -- week. CSN Washington dot com.

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