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SportsTalk Live: Wizards in Ivan's doghouse



  1. back pain2:50
  2. John Wall0:15
  3. Edwin Jackson2:27
  4. Bulls1:10
  5. franchise player0:14
  6. new coach1:49
  7. basketball courts0:43
  8. redskin fans2:13
Fri, 28 Sep 2012|


She -- in Washington dot com. But doctor brings me to my dog house you love your doghouse. And you're the dog out what you -- -- Mitchell -- -- it's bad karma you're in the doghouse. Because it happened and again. We got a franchise player John Wall and he's got he's gotten injured and that brings is back -- is Gilbert in his me. -- and it shows up early camp Roberts is the heart attack on dollars and is not. -- Butler and his stuff there is a guy Allen is back and I'm glad to the strip club. And -- they both. -- than any of the books please don't go to news I don't know but I go to frolic I don't know what. Has evolved as well. Franchise which some say an overrated in this city loves basketball courts say we need or what hurt it today whatever we have to do the -- -- gods or whatever we did. To do is to do you wrong that you're so mad at us or sorry. I. On the love -- the ducks pocket squares I'm sorry. We're gonna make it up to you put please let this cloud over us what is this a winning basketball in DC his shot -- Saban got me and Derek -- did you -- Chicago Bulls. They lose that kid he's out is that a -- like that likely. Jordan. They hadn't -- a joint title since you came here what Afro and some -- 178. Fresh off the boat from Cincinnati is there to dry out a doubt. We know what hurt so please tell wall -- -- -- carefully let's not go do this -- Gilbert mess again I don't wanna see. Going out god can watch it got to tell shoot under back he can work with -- because technology now this kid can steal trained and not. You know injure himself anymore best yesterday you talk in the okay brand new day so she certainly made absolutely dead beat you get your players. -- new coach yet a new mindset. They would Randy has talked about. Is galvanize and these guys I'm not gonna say the defense -- word I promise though what we're say defense but I do believe it's evident as just. I'm trying to shake it and hope and be more hopeful this put other call in his -- there's a -- get off the total way. Tell us who should be the dog was what please lord would love that -- scorpio redskin fans complaining about the all bit. Talk about second ranked rushing first in points dog south okay wait for calm down. -- we got Megan seventeen that did down not and one at the bottom of the second. Edwin Jackson dog house and -- Keller. Kruger put the it's probably -- untimely and sport could act like a lot it was how good Iowa that was good yeah that was good you gotta give well. The NBA we're talking about. Finding guys -- flop and yeah -- Thomas and all that happened but crude or go to space you can that ref call it is true in the first game back pain. Csnwashington.com.

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