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John Lannan: 'Everything has been worth it'


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Mon, 1 Oct 2012|


CSN Washington dot com. But. Enjoying every moment that's an a long road for you to get here in 2000 franchises well. What does it mean to you to finally be here in the division to. I mean there is even worth it you know it's a way you know every child that -- notice this at the moment that's -- -- -- you know Rizzo on the list and a great up when this team together and in everybody I mean this is just a great bode very well so had a -- all these players in this town to. This is it like looking out and all these fans being soaking wet just celebrating like. Oxygen come true you know we've been away for a few years now and you know in play some great great while in you know I'm just glad that you do in front of the home fans. Coming that you couldn't even imagine I guess just growing up and and cut out of course as a boy you imagine all the things happening at that. Is this beyond kind of what you would of thought it would be. -- not my wildest dreams I mean now and seeing the big leagues on Damon and make in the playoffs like this and now. You know to do with the guys we have it's it's it's unbelievable. The kind of spacing on he got the locks -- yet here you are. Have you here I know what to do them in ridiculous and that's it knowing men and then won the division so that's that's huge in. You know -- is gonna celebrate tonight and this giant. CSN Washington dot com.

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