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Olympian Kellie Wells on how she got RG3 to 'Griffining'



CSN Washington dot com. Redskins fans are just a little jealous of Kelly -- were talking to her via Skype. And Kelly before we get here moment with RG three let's hear a little bit more about you you're from Virginia you know I'll let you explain. I am from Richmond Virginia born and raised. -- -- to university and Cincinnati -- its Orlando Florida but Virginia definitely flows in me and I -- Redskins fan through and through born and raised as well am I competed in the 2012 Olympics. And I got the bronze medal and a hundred meter hurts. Now let's talk a little bit more about RG three had known and you know he had competed in high school ran track. Had you known him through the track circuit. Now I have found what I paid attention and you know college football. And that I knew that the Redskins picking just because of you know our picks and circumstances. -- -- Maybe we need a quarterback we did we don't they're missing piece and we finally got a quarterback so -- -- and excited to you know learn me. How -- I'll go into -- at the moment. Will I have a good friend that please for an arm the Redskins are DeAngelo Hall we know each other since high school. -- -- Actually hand in us coming into the game then you know that's better wind hasn't gotten over it and then so I the bucks definitely granting me. Innocent tickets -- sideline passes out to be very thankful for them. So as he's coming out the tunnel are coming into the tunnel for the halftime. You know -- -- -- -- that he DeAngelo you know we speak and -- RC -- the last guy committed and walks out and he goes. I'm as well as I know that you are watching during the Olympics saying you don't want to put up and I was like. But yeah yeah. So we shaking hands and then now we got to go on PR and they watched it players come back and Barack. You know -- -- -- just Sonoma with DeAngelo you know just got you know you've got money and then after the game. I asked her teacher. And we. Break he showed meaning that -- -- you have to be sitting down rounds like would be -- the got to do the vehicle line. That being you know -- got to do the picture it was hurry. How did your friends -- act as a humorous all of our it may eat less still hard and let. You can't. So close we're going. Kinds you know I think he's being very popular so alone they were definitely yes. It RT three had participated in this year's Olympics if he had said you know. It's pretty track not baker I. How do you think he wouldn't. Well these inking right he's gonna -- you know he -- little bit of -- Falcons game. And I think that a -- Atlanta lineup we had given that he's been in. So I -- an eagle but keeping. It definitely. All decent again. -- -- Rain of -- adult that they DNB well well Lee are eat free -- that are here. That would be the greatest year where do you -- ground at the Z -- in Washington dot com.



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