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With Alfred Morris and RG3, Redskins offense has weapons



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Wed, 3 Oct 2012|



CSN Washington dot com. -- my mindset -- refusal first tackle. He's the first man tapped me not -- he negative yards as this is out of my mindset and just that will is that Estes my desire is my was my heart.

Now for Morse is doing things that you know first first man has tackled and -- you know an assist stat that your coach is the key right now it's consistent and it's true so far but. He says the versatility anytime you have teams tracks from wanting and you go into another thing I mean I think those guys and.

Especially with their rookie quarterback who hit nine different targets -- in fact he was the target when -- and everybody's contributing. How would you.

Ball extremely well more often the ones block -- former C was a -- performed downfield so it's not -- targets and -- and show that we can win as a team. And then we do have guys that can put up cosponsored.

We can destroy them -- with them so that's what they would produce and lied to them about guys -- play a lot of possibly just they got a lot of the latter. Options to try to stop it in his eighth season with the Redskins Santana Moss has waited a long time. For that. I've been that guy win a hole. Just out you know win -- hole pushed -- Whom you know things like you know it is almost almost solely because I was the only guy in the passing game the way before cushion in the value. It was hard to go out there and pin and put up numbers -- the only. Then just sit back now and -- you have so many targets. And just to be -- got to be you know included men is -- great to see it go and and you wished it that we need to do is get better and better and better and trying to hurry back to the lineup. After his pregame collusion with Brandon meriwether is wide out all -- Robinson suffered concussion. On this day bright canary sleeves and legs. He cannot be missed CSN Washington dot com.

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