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Nats finish with best record in the Majors



CSN Washington dot com. That's finished the regular season leaving nothing to chance they beat the Phillies it was a great start behind Edwin Jackson. And that's finish as the top team in baseball. It's quite an accomplishment I think obviously. When division -- rowand now we've done that have a chance at. Good distance of the playoffs but you know this is a great -- a good great team and a group of guys and -- Thomas saw that we should be proud of the you know we have a lot more to come. And so forth really came down last game here in the restaurant here and you know we showed me and -- is so. You know Iverson had in the post season. Knows -- so mostly play you know. Generalize or get to this point in. You know -- and we have. We we get a chance to some special and you know. Very good team and good group of guys and you know I think this city can be proud of them. How nice is it to see -- one in his ten plan evans' finger I think you know he's been -- has been. For the most part pretty consistently -- I think a lot of times you guys only to see how much he helped a lot of these young guys coming he's been pension and it's been a good pitcher for a long time honestly and it's not easy to do that so. You know he's he's been around awhile and he's helped this team. So much with the young guys and just teaching them how to be consistent how to go out there every five days and do their job. It's a good feeling. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Jimenez is a positive for a for a team around to finish strong like we do alone. Who had a lot of guys to contribute to our win tonight and there's just so positive. You know positive outcome and get the ball rolling in a positive direction heading into the post season. CSN Washington dot com.



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