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Cooley reverses roles with Rich Tandler on Redskins Nation



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  2. Chris Cooley0:05, 0:21
  3. Vincent Jackson1:33
  4. Roddy White1:25
  5. Mike Williams1:36
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  7. Mike Shanahan3:19
  8. Brandon Banks2:34
  9. Julio Jones1:26
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Wed, 3 Oct 2012|



CSN Washington dot com. It's information presented by prospect -- Larry Michael Chris Cooley and with us for his weekly appearance rich Taylor. From CSN Washington dot com so equally you've been in the position of Taylor interviewing you before right. And I loved it he loved every minute of every bit are so. US sport you've got it Chris Cooley take away Taylor knows a whole lot about the rest will. I'm sorry -- Adams motioning you over here that's that's okay prevent cancer. We're -- an interview you this week -- talk about what your keys are for this defense this week.

They really. That they got to stop Michael Turner I really think that's a priority that the big Macs. In turn himself in factors in this defense problems in the past but they got. The right there instead talked about it a lot of hats on him. Get in on getting in on him early. And not let him get on a roll you know he's he's not that fast is not that quick he's powerful. Get a running east west and your match today.

You throw that question a little bit. Miserable little bit next question. Sticking with the defense there's been a lot of criticism. About the scheme and that's not blitzing enough do you think we change it up this week in blitz a little bit more. Anything to try to play more of a base defense.

I think you got a statement based I think you have you've they've got to three weapons they got Gonzales Roddy White. Julio Jones I don't think this is a good time to start going one on one of those guys. You know when when guys like you know Vincent Jackson give them problems. Mike Williams -- problems last week you know these guys are cut above them. But I try to play it safe I try to make him to -- their way down the field as much possible. And hopefully make a mistake.

Do you think that was a good interview rich didn't do a good job of trying to get asking and more questions that they did I take -- by the time next question that's why you thank you very much. I think it's obvious that. We have to control ball and last week they completely eliminated option I think. We're gonna have to try to run the ball with a bit more this would do you think option comes back or how do you think the Redskins run balls.

Yeah I think he's -- the option comes back out Cam Newton is a different quarterback then than RG three. The bigger guy but they ran the option pretty successful against oil last week it piled up 499 yards rushing. Dawkins or near the bottom of the league in rushing defense redskins' top Russian team. Think that's that's a match up whether she's in the option. Whether accusing Alfred Morris whether it's using Brandon Banks on occasion I think that's a match up they're gonna have to exploit if they're gonna win.

I think so too I think he's better answering my questions and I was ever answering this what he told me wanna know what he told me about you. Maybe I play after he leaves a bit after lift. I'm gonna watch the show is all we can tell you right now I had with him a report rich can throw one question is okay I would love it. Winning at home for the Redskins it's been very tough do you have any opinion why everybody has an opinion what --

You know I it's -- just think it's one of those things I mean they played some good teams they've played some some bad teams -- it it if FedEx Field in the last. And the last seven games or is it really goes back it goes back reform Mike Shanahan. And I just think it is a function of you know winning 456 games a year. Just on a percentage basis not a lot of those are going to be at home so -- you know I think is something that that this team if they're really gonna. Get that young that their home field advantage of it they almost did what we have earned the home field advantage back you have to go out. When some games there and then the fans get behind them that's gonna episode I think you're OK appreciate. CSN Washington dot com.

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