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At long last, Teddy wins!



  1. Ryan Zimmerman0:43
  2. Roosevelt0:05, 0:32
  3. NASCAR racing0:55
  4. Philly0:21
  5. Washington1:04
  6. finish line0:38
Wed, 3 Oct 2012|

Machine Generated Transcript

Csnwashington.com. Into the bottom of the fourth in history the win -- Teddy Roosevelt. Receives a pair of golden shoes to Wear that -- presence for us. Into the race. Not a great start for -- he's well behind the other presidents and it looks like it's gonna be another off season a disappointment. But what's this. Of Philly fanatic lookalike takes out all the hitters in one fell -- Only good thing the Phillies and done this season. After 525. Consecutive losses. Teddy Roosevelt wins his first career presidents race. Unbelievable. He crosses the finish line the crowd. Absolutely loves finally seeing it. But what about Ryan Zimmerman. Do you take some inspiration from -- We can have in your home runs only once we can stop talking about it yeah. People get more suited for NASCAR racing game. Yes I'm excited that it was on it's I'm ecstatic. CSN Washington dot com.

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