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RG3 on the offense: 'We can be as good as we want to be'


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Thu, 4 Oct 2012|


CSN Washington dot com. We -- we wanna be I think offensively we got a good job moving the ball. You know in every game we put up a lot of yards he's got to you know make sure we continued to try to put -- more more points. And then you know of the game it's it's still football it's fun if it's a lot more fun winning. In and it's always that way but it's still football and and it's a dream come true to play at the highest level that's what every kid you know wants to do what no matter what sport it is there -- profession Manuel wanted to do and at the highest level we're doing that right now and -- -- -- -- into but you know before we can continue to it to go on them. Good second quarter of the season if he doesn't put on offense how much. Positive minds -- his Phillies -- Sunday. And differences that make for it this week limits and it's a big difference you know. We're. You know a few feet few inches from being one and three. And not feeling good today so. No one's an NFL from from what -- heard are extremely hard to get. So and I've been been that long but I definitely realized that and in the Gaza though so I think practice was a lot more upbeat today it's. It's better when guys there are are feeling good and and not necessarily down about a loss. You know you're not going to practice and lolly gagging but everybody has a little bounce in his step -- you wanna game and -- that's how you want to be so hopefully we can continue to have that. CSN Washington dot com.