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Charley Casserly on RG3's greatest strength...and weakness



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Thu, 4 Oct 2012|

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Csnwashington.com. Hey everybody I'm Jennifer Williams on site DTM Charley casserly Charlie this weekend we're gonna see quite the matchup. Arguably the two best QB in the NFC head to head. Matt Ryan vs Robert Griffin the third let's talk about the rookie QB has he met or exceeded your expertise. Plus say what he's done both there was no question in my line RG three was going to be an outstanding quarterback in this league to me he's gotten off to a faster start than I thought he would and here's what I was. Not concerned with the -- -- take a little time the Baylor offense very simplistic not a lot of reads not real complicated the redskin offense more complicated but I think Mike Shanahan is on a great job coaching it. So is Kyle Shanahan but RG three is really a Smart guy think he's adapted to the pro game. Faster than I thought he would. Now I'm a lot of people have said that his strengths are that he can you know both. Run the ball throw the ball what would you say his great strength as well he's got a Lotto but -- what does the mean is it's got to be intelligence. When this guy is a Smart guy he's grasped this offense quickly. He's -- the pro game and where I see is this his ability to see down field goal from the first receiver to the second receiver something he really wasn't asked to do all locked in college. That to me is his greatest asset is intelligence. Now lots of praise for RG three but there's always room for improvement what some areas that may be weakness areas -- and proof. What table when you look at the body of work when -- graded him down and it's been in the area of accuracy and I think he is an accurate quarterback but if you look at 41 thankful who bought. Is accuracy sometimes he can be a little bit better there. Now he's been sacked quite a few times hit numerous times to the Redskins maybe be concerned about his durability over the course of an entire season. -- I tell you what I I hold my breath -- with all the things safe to let them because they're -- great job we have -- they've got a run in the option they've got -- run -- Roll outs and boot legs plus he'll take off and run what what people are -- to make plays on his -- so I anytime a quarterback runs to me if he's the quarterback on my football team all hold his breath. They have but there's no question about it one of the things that makes him the most exciting player in the NFL is his versatility. To run the option and be able to compete in a drop back game and do that excellent. CSN Washington dot com.