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Beltway Baseball: Better to play the Braves or Cardinals?



  1. Dan Uggla2:07
  2. Adam Wainwright3:13
  3. Chris Carpenter3:16
  4. Chipper Jones1:54
  5. Atlanta Braves0:25
  6. World Series2:52
  7. the Braves0:27, 0:38
  8. Chris Evans0:41
  9. Freddie Freeman1:57
Thu, 4 Oct 2012|

Machine Generated Transcript

CSN Washington dot com. In the national through. The number one seed with the best record in baseball owner going to be kind of Guinea pigs if you will of the new playoff format they're gonna play either. The Atlanta Braves or the St. Louis Cardinals while we start with the Braves they're division -- that the team that. Got hot late one of the hottest teams in baseball but the nationals were able to secure the division in all that. How they match up against the Braves -- -- I -- they -- -- playoff series but things. Chris Evans become the hottest pitcher in baseball. And correct him on it's closer at least in the National League we've seen how hot it's closer -- help teams win it. In recent no absolutely I mean it's an action thing because you write the nationals won the course of the season. But in September the last series and I went down Atlantic got swept in a series that. That opportunity to kind of give knock -- punch at that point instead of the great -- back into -- force this thing go right down to the final week. The good thing and that -- perspectives -- mandolin is gonna start. The wild card game and -- wouldn't be available until game three of the NL yes you're going to be facing Hudson Hudson. Somebody else into Victoria project. To -- so that helps their cause but you point out creek timber. Who by far the most dominant closer in baseball this year you could throw in guy enters having good care of clarity and it. That bullpen if you get to seventh eighth inning you're trailing it is so hard to come back against it shortens the game. And that to me -- -- nationals -- my biggest concern you have to get out to a lead against them and not count on me I'm from behind it to a lot of teams this year. Race of the toughest team in baseball did that against. Right and they they were a good team last year but now there a year older Chipper Jones is a year older but also with Jason Heyward and Freddie Freeman. That lineup is maybe I think it might be the second deepest next in the national yeah I mean there's a lot of. Under there you can come Brian -- in the mix see Dan Uggla ever reason always seem to terrorize. -- nationals. But it's very left handed. Aside from Uggla. And that's that's an interesting matchup possibilities -- stadium -- hit lefties or both starters and relievers and even admitted. And how things work out he would consider John Lannan. In the rotation for series against the Greeks maybe in place to Edwin Jackson because of the lefty right thing and because land. Percent success against. That's a penalty time. Now the other possibility that I mentioned as the St. Louis Cardinals who was another team that got hotly. And the nationals actually faced recently and it wasn't pretty Bryant Jordan Zimmermann pitched well but they had some some other problems there. How do you think they match up against the team that has really really gotten hot yet. And has the experience of winning the World Series last year -- -- -- -- on a similar kind of late season run lead and went on yeah that's the team might be scared because of experience. Because. The way they're playing at the end of the season and the one thing and the Cardinals don't have pitching depth in the rotation and actually -- -- In the best -- here he's gonna hit the wild card games you can be facing Adam Wainwright. Does not seem absolutely right right Chris Carpenter just coming back from injury he's not the same guy we don't know what his status is going to be. And I'm not blistered the back of the cardinals' bullpen is quite. And it's tough to deal with especially you know have really dominant left. Which I think plays in the national tennis harper and the -- in particular. So I think that part of the matchup goes well but the fact they just played him you know guys who. Maybe X-Factor for some versatility makes room in the postseason bullpen. Well against a lot of other teams they never saw him in -- it out of the Cardinals got a good look at Wright because he was called up in September in the song. So those kind of things a little X factors that. I think maybe not played in practice all that. CSN Washington dot com.

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