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SportsTalk Live: Week 5 fantasy picks



  1. AJ green0:42
  2. Jimmy Graham0:44
  3. Ravens defense1:01
  4. Israel1:16
  5. Minnesota1:11
  6. Washington0:00, 1:36
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  8. FaceBook0:14
Thu, 4 Oct 2012|

Machine Generated Transcript

CSN Washington dot com. Data had a bad week last week in the fantasy challenge will do for whatever reasons we could turn things around. Go to FaceBook the sports talk live page enter your own team is very simple quarterback running back wide receiver tight end. And the defense. Ticket choice off to a mopping his testimony Twitter what sucks is an encore assists -- -- -- isn't -- and at Hendrick teams see what happens not a bad week last week public charter on this week turnaround that. -- -- -- -- what was the fans are here and I let alone Iraqis and then I'm gone down a running back. They they have Foster yeah I'm -- AJ green at wide receiver Jimmy Graham at tight end. Analysts think what that Texans defense and once again. A little -- arrived that's it was right his Redskins did that's gonna show result and agent Peterson looking good -- -- -- -- don't think going to as a team we don't get the pick every week that's what got a hall of Famer our DN a taken the race. Take the Ravens defense to get it done because people against the scans once again this week what. As luck so I'll I'll play aren't always what took me a little harder here. This is from either Minnesota or better on the last week. All wrong idea first and Israel by. Makes you go put a team monitored secretary and I'll tell you he will lose what he's trying to sell me out usually yourself up -- -- myself Bob makes a good. They stop somebody. CSN Washington dot com.

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