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Z -- in Washington dot com. The Redskins will be hosting an undefeated Falcons this week at home the question remains can they upset Atlanta. I'm Jennifer Williams alongside. -- -- -- And rich Tim davis' point counterpoint before I get a final prediction from you guys let's talk about the Falcons one of the best pass defense is in the -- seventh I believe. How are the Redskins you know we heard RG three today. Talk about wanting to put up more points and put up more points early how are the Redskins going to be able to do that -- closer with you. You know I I honestly I I hate -- you -- a bad but I mean I I feel like just games and come onto the Redskins defense I mean. I was working RG three do you mean their average right now thirty something points a game. I mean to asked to score more points against a pretty decent -- and I -- there. Our Falcons are susceptible to go to the run there they're not that good in run defense. I think that any success the Redskins have is going to be out for Morse and maybe even -- RG three wouldn't see a whole lot of triple option last week. But he might see a return of that on this against the Dolphins. -- Yeah I mean I think I think to the Redskins are gonna have to run the ball I mean both. As that being their best way to me to move it. And keep the Atlanta offense off field you know that's -- it burn some clock time you deal nationally shortening game. We're on the clock and keep you know Matt Ryan Julio Jones and Roddy White Tony Gonzales can -- on the sidelines. And -- to going back to your point about offered Morris how much time do you think Ryan Grant Woolsey he said he is ready to go last week but I'll take an extra week. Howell how much should we recently in reasonably expect them to play. Well you know I talked to Ryan on today and he said he thinks he's gonna get more reps in practice said he was ready last week -- was told -- BA game time decision. And Dodd basically the team needed other players of the distance and use an active. But don't we talk to Mike Shanahan he didn't wanna commit to whether Ryan was gonna play on on Sunday. I have a feeling. Based on the fact of the Redskins have to run the ball to having success and he's going to be in the lineup. And that in other probably and Yzerman remember you know even though he is familiar with the zone blocking scheme it's still. A new York new terminology and a new our group of players he's got to get comfortable with but I think we're gonna see him play. I would say probably on third downs you know he's good -- pass -- And I have a question for both you guys you know maybe I'm not giving -- Redskins enough credit they. RG three did have seven targets vs the bucks how difficult is it for the Falcons defense that kind of you know plan ahead. For at that kind of keep that off that type of offense brits let's start. Well you know it's it's gonna happen. They're gonna see things to have seen before. We really don't -- I'm Pierre Garcon I think targeted twice caught one pass for twenty yards you know he's doing a lot more involved in the Falcons don't really now since he only played eight plays in the first game. Doctors don't really know how they're going to get him ball. You know again Leonard tankers and we'll see if if -- Robinson can now can can get in there. But you know these these are guys there you know they have a lot of weapons and -- one you know must Carson -- -- have one great receiver. But they have a lot of receivers -- to do a lot of things well in Atlanta lost their best cornerback early on. Brent Grimes tore his Achilles he's out for the season so you know terrorism is some honor billing him back field so. You know right wrist and see what happens and Falcons and see what happens to. -- Yeah you know I I think what we've seen so far in these first in his first quarter of the season is how diversified the Redskins offenses and you know it certainly is a big reason they're two and two. On the of the defense has not played that well I think part of the reason that they were able to get those two wins is because they're able to keep opposing defense off balance. On RG three can do so much you can do with his legs and do with his arms. Yeah we even saw you know might my personal favorite player last last game was when he tossed the ball to. Brandon Banks he gave right back too many hit dot it was a Fred Davis or or. Did not Niles Paul for for a bomb. A nice -- there I mean they just can do so much with a player of RG three skill on I think that's you know what's going to be the bread and butter for the team for the rest of season. CSN Washington dot com.

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    CSN Washington dot com. I don't know there's there's a lot of work to do target go back to you now my friend what his priority number one for the Redskins moving forward as it gets up for the draft in April. You know it's gonna have to be safety because as I said earlier looks like they're gonna have to address quarterback going on getting a veteran free agency. I don't know how we're gonna do that because right now like I said they don't have a whole lot of money but they could still pitch more space and the market was flooded. With a number of veteran quarterbacks. In the past 72000. So I'm thinking the Redskins have been used that 51 overall pick was like let's say this good with the very deep draft for defensive back. And Brad for the world champions hey Joseph got his money but it seems like it's come at a price. And and it that's why things that have agreed to take when he had to give the money than him. And his agent demanded you know it's gonna make it safer there's only so much in the high. That being said for me was left tackle Brian McCann who knows me that but it comes down to divas have we talk about loser Ray Lewis losing Krueger now Ellerbe. Potentially using Ed Reed you're talking about a lot of guys in that secondary. Especially being dead Carroll is is also got a good could talk about having. Five new starters and I know the Ravens made no bones about having so many stars 53 some games and as part collective. Starters last year this is this year they got the bull's eye on the chest as the world champion. One thing's for sure. Of the 31 teams that did not win the Super Bowl they're all trying to improve trying to get where the Ravens were last year early three main dolls now lot of NFL Michael. We take it back. CSN Washington dot com.

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    CSN Washington dot com. Santana restructuring this deal for a team that's eighteen million dollars in the hole caused that penalty helps them how it's huge because if you factor in. And cutting DeAngelo Hall yesterday and restructuring Adam Carriker yesterday. With Bob Moss restructured now there about three million dollar on the cap they're still we still a lot of work to do. If they wanna be able to go shopping in free three million dollars is not a whole lot of money. But you know they're making some headway there I would say looked out for more restructures and maybe a surprise cutter to the next few days and then cutting DeAngelo Hall yesterday because they dollar savings clearly the secondary was already thin when. Out of the mix. Priority number one not only in free agency but in draft is your second they're absolutely first supposedly. Free safety but now it's quarterback you're losing a leader back there used to losing a playmaker. You know the idea certainly had his ups and downs in the 2012 But you can't let a guy like that walk outdoors outdoors get the signing of veteran free agency the place and can't rely on. A draft pick to go back there when hot wheels feel off back to Santana Moss now he's the longest tenured member of the joined team back in 2005. He's working his way up the record books as we take a look at his numbers he sits fourth all time in receptions and receiving yards seventh all times and receiving touchdowns. He caught eight touchdowns last season that has the most. Since 2005. CSN Washington dot com.

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    CSN Washington dot com. guy sports net central today. Everybody crystal here for CSN Washington dot com. Georgetown Otto Porter and head coach John in the third of one. Conference player of the year and coach of the year honors topsy hoyas will face the winner of tomorrow Cincinnati Providence matchup. Meanwhile football news Redskins wide receiver Santana Moss has restructured his contract to remain in DC for the 2013. Season. The move will free up two million dollars. For the team and that'll for Comcast sports net studios on Chris Miller for CSN Washington dot com. CSN Washington dot com.

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    CSN Washington dot com. And I came here to build a great program and where were taken steps towards that were much. Actually five further along than stated that after being on the job for a few days. And I don't wanna finish strong you know we really want that when Virginia won a quality road when we came up a little bit short. So wanna finish strong you know we we team that is going to be inspired play against as we've beaten them twice. You know and then and then select you have to win now and go from there we just we wanna finish strong we wanna play well we've Celek we've played well. Against Virginia and down from becoming a tougher team physically and mentally in and so we're heading in the right direction. always when keep getting better were double in the program and better team over last year. You know maybe last game or two we didn't expect to lose this year but we've we're getting better we play well Virginia just came up short one possession short one stop short. There so we you better get our confidence going into the ACC tournament and whatever post season play after that. Hard to really semester after receiving game obviously there raise this point you have a seventeen point lead you lose we played so well is that hard to get that message across than that it was a positive experience mostly. Well. Kids are resilient. That was the worst I've seen our guys hurt. After game so we didn't somewhere early in the year we lose it was like brushing your teeth or taken a shower it was a common thing self. They're investing a lot more into our program and the young guys are starting to grow up so. They're resilient we took Monday off what we should bounce back have deposits sessions and good practices and gives you stuff for a post season term you shouldn't be playing basketball. CSN Washington dot com yeah.