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Falcons vs. Redskins: Final prediction time!



  1. Cam Newton0:32
  2. Roddy White1:41
  3. Michael Turner1:37
  4. Carolina Panthers0:30
  5. Peyton Manning0:18
  6. Julio Jones1:44
  7. Matt Ryan1:19
  8. the reds2:03
  9. Tony Gonzales1:42
  10. Falcons0:07, 0:11, 0:43
Fri, 5 Oct 2012|

Machine Generated Transcript

CSN Washington dot com. Our guys got to do this year final prediction time. Ten the Redskins upset the Falcons and get their very first home and -- why I think they can't first of all the Falcons their their unbeaten. But they've shown that they are not unbeatable and it's second game season Monday night. Peyton Manning threw for us in the brief first quarter interceptions. Should run him out of the building didn't had to hang out and -- win. That's again cuddle lost. They should have lost to Carolina Panthers at home last week Cam Newton had a first down. Fumbled the ball backwards wasn't really think forced by the defense and you know if he gets that ball. There Darren you know they're they're kneeling down and count me out to the Falcons credit. They did have to drive along the way they got punted back to the one yard line came up with a real spectacular past my demise and Matt -- again hole get in field goal position. You know they had to make that play but if Newton does it holds on the ball that game's over so I think they're better at an unbeatable team. -- -- -- has the Redskins at three and two when he got. -- just Dawkins set too many weapons until the Redskins defense shows me your body it shows that everyone else that they're able to stop someone. It's really hard to say they're going to be able to put up enough points to beat Matt Ryan I mean he right right now is the hottest quarterback. In the NFL hands down. Look at his completion on a percentage you looked at his passer rating is yardage I mean he's just playing out of his mind at the moment and -- just look at all the weapons are surrounding mean. -- the Redskins have traditionally struggled against big running backs and Michael Turner is a big boy running downhill. You know and then the -- Roddy White in his Tony Gonzales and there's Julio Jones I mean it's just there's just simply too many weapons right now I I do not see it. I think it's gonna be a high scoring game but I think the Falcons are gonna pull it out and extend. The Redskins woes at FedEx Field. We have a split decision point counterpoint to suit. Would you guys think I think I am gonna go -- and actually can go with the reds greens because our son's going to be back there going after their first home in. And Falcons seem a little nervous about coming into you on Burgundy -- territory. And I mean their game planning but I don't think they know exactly what to expect from RT three. And he seems to be nobody does and he seems to really be hitting his stride. And he can only go out from us of course. Yellow the green they get disagree got. -- I think you guys -- so much for your time and thank you for watching keep locked on CSN Washington dot com for all of your Redskins coverage. CSN Washington dot com.