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Shanahan not worried about Sunday forecast



  1. Roddy White0:17
  2. Mike Shanahan0:20
  3. Tony Gonzales0:19
  4. Julio Jones0:16
  5. FedEx Field0:04
  6. Ron Amadon0:44
  7. Falcons0:09
  8. India0:47
  9. Washington0:00, 1:01
Fri, 5 Oct 2012|

Machine Generated Transcript

CSN Washington dot com. That's a losing seven straight games now FedEx Field the Redskins are out in the sun finally shines down on them this week when they host the Falcons even -- son is not the forecast. Are calling for rain and cold Sunday which could help slow down the likes of Julio Jones and Roddy White Mike. Turner and Tony Gonzales. Although Mike Shanahan doesn't think either team really gets an advantage. -- both teams have to play in the same environment same talk about it. -- during camp that you're -- deal with the elements and snow rain wind that's just part of the game and you can't let it bother you really have to focus. If you don't let -- -- you then you go to union and then some quarterbacks can throw you know with the way the ball. Colonel Ron Amadon you still love to throw the ball when it was coming down from India thunderstorm and know -- and other quarterbacks you can play catch them. -- all depends how hard training and some people come lowered kind of cold weather a little bit different CSN Washington dot com.

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