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Mike Shanahan on the challenges of a rainy game



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Sat, 6 Oct 2012|


CSN Washington dot com. Mike Shanahan exclusive. Is brought to you by your Washington DC area GMC dealers. The coach or get ready for the Atlanta Falcons and it could be some rainy conditions maybe a slick slick turf and to deal like dad kind of set up well with the team like that there are part officers -- kind of a wash because you guys bring it -- It was I talked to the players in before the season starts we're here. Have a number games that could be in the snow could be entering. He's giving them familiar ring no matter what the conditions are they're playing in save situations you wore opinion tune it out -- concentrate on your job. For your quarterback. Things you have to do is tell you need for goodness corporate ownership and the ball all the -- things as it is an NHL potential. They try to keep it as dry as much as you can -- possible before snapple's type things would. Usually you -- your quarterback gave me an idea what he can do continues through. And -- us -- that little bit earlier today I've been in games words been and how important. And Ron Amadon. He would tell me I'm like let's sort more I'd love to throw in the rain because the receivers got better foot into the defensive backs and he was throwing golf course and loved it. And then I've had no other quarterbacks have been training at all they said today. Don't throw a cancer don't even try to throw is at hand size is it just comfort level almost sometimes -- sometimes it's a release palpable sense of hand. How they throw it it's not always hand size it's usually has a lot to do with the gallery. Where your guy had a monster game against Texas Lester in the rain helped won the Heisman so I think -- -- -- -- right I didn't notice that and you'll notice that he threw the ball pretty well so everything yeah over there is suitable for following coach it was hooked up for a fifth and doubled them in their offense Matt -- -- you guys played -- good -- -- in the league right now -- know how do you evaluate him. And -- in their office the way their role right now is -- really put together. Yeah they've been known for a great running game and now there you even though they've got a good running game. That really come in terms of the football again excellent wide receivers tight -- running backs are very well balance. Nationals were to go with football is a great job reading coverages on the -- time. He's got a good relays these guys and great fundamentals. Obviously success. She gets in Washington dot com.

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