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Cousins thrilled with opportunity, disappointed by loss



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Sun, 7 Oct 2012|

Machine Generated Transcript

CSN Washington dot com well you get thrown in there you know even some pre season games this is obviously different. For the nerves like as you ran in the -- the first time. We had some nerves but that's part of playing quarterback for playing NFL and you expect Datsyuk. I'm just really opportunity I was given and obviously you know I didn't like the resulting in need to do some. Some number evaluation tomorrow and get back to work in and correct the mistakes. Let's superstar with a positive the touchdown to Santana Moss pops open my dad middle of the field what did you see it's. Looks like go deep safety didn't get back to the middle of the field and end Santana got behind the defense and I just need to touch over the the crew defender in pass intended there. I know it's the sting of a loss right now but. How did that feel of her first NFL touchdown. It -- it was a thrill bud town and by the time you know he's on a few possessions left in the Matt Ryan and an offense with a ball. Hi unit they're probably ambulance to get down and get some points so when it was far from over we knew we had to keep fighting to finish strong. The late interceptions what happened in those players. You know I think bottom line -- trying to do too much just trying to get her back and one play in. He's can't -- any indication -- to let the game come do you. When you have to -- to their take them but the -- looking back take the check downs take a 34 yard gain and and be -- -- -- and then move on from there. Doesn't mean Kirk. -- is Brian maturing and not really young guys to be drawn to the situation was on him today quote that you noticed the difference there won't talk about speed of pre season. And the -- -- pitcher knows it gives -- -- I know I think football's football. And I think you not a fast game but not not much of a difference from pre season regular season. Part Kirk cousins we appreciate time here -- postgame live we may or may not see you next week okay thank you CSN Washington dot com.

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