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CSN Washington dot com. Are rob let's get straight to it any good news -- regarding the status of Robert Griffin the third. -- it's good news or bad news right now but it is some news RG three was checked out by an independent neurologist before ever leaving the stadium today he was diagnosed with what they're calling. A mild concussion although there are a lot of people who would say. No concussion can be called mild. He won't have any further tests today but he will be reevaluated tomorrow Sean Weatherspoon was the falcon that really rung his -- -- that vicious hit. On the sideline and that left RG three more than just a little woozy. I'm sure what quarter was. On the third quarter. When that time when he was really sure what the score was what corps was we knew we had to. How love compassion he's going to doctors to -- That was the situation when. Some people are. How Holmgren says he's OK be known guy his -- they never known him he's a tough -- and so. These to his list of these little woozy song but I know and obviously -- -- constant. You know home toughness and his -- Quarterback you have to Tim Lincecum -- it's -- -- the -- right before on the defensive. Was you know six I was opens stuff up about this about a thousand I don't like he was my quarterback so. And nobody is what causes physical -- only be happy not to worry you know I just. Free from all know for the best. Ironically the knockout shot comes in the game Griffin was credited with just one rushing attempts fewest as a pro. Kirk cousins did there was 77 yard touchdown to Santana Moss the -- Just 33 yards of offenses -- other drive to. Interceptions. Obviously this game changed -- the -- lost their game -- -- -- Dolphins and even just from a. The deepest and have to definitely change of the game plans -- don't have an account from the inception. A thread and you definitely count from Hollis -- definitely helps you know he's everything in the run game -- game for -- -- from the ball in the same as you know the players. Did you change up everything because you need to practice because you know for predominately that I think he did for Williams and a lot of pressure. He's got it you know news that parents timing of the you know to get a feel for the players you know it's difficult but -- you don't sign up to play this game at this level I'm not expecting it to be difficult so. Bottom line is I didn't get it on the way I want to today. But what I have to look at the perspective on taking some learn from the better. I'm not pick up things at some that are invaluable for going forward. Cousins admitted after the game that he needs to be more patient than he was trying to do too much in those two late game. Interceptions now here's an amazing stat. RG three and cousins have both now thrown touchdowns of 75 yards or more the last time two rookie quarterbacks did that in the same season. Was 1941. The Chicago. Cardinals now though -- we have to sit and wait. To see which rookie quarterback could be available to start next week for the skins right here when they take on the Minnesota Vikings. Now it's not exactly the news we wanted to hear rob thank you very much so live from FedEx Field yet Falcons. There remain undefeated first team to find an -- have a feeling skins are going to be hurt after this loss for quite some time. CSN Washington dot com.



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