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CSN Washington dot com. -- sports net central update. Over one -- think it's here with a guy that's what's at central update. Ruff one for the nationals in Saint Louis they fall in game -- twelve for the final rough outing for Jordan Zimmermann. Who gives up five earned runs and seven hits in only three innings of work. At the plate Ryan Zimmerman a nice afternoon going two for four with a couple by BI. Cardinals simply too much firepower in game two in the next buying some redemption in DC. You know just it happens like that sometimes you know it's a great lineup over there and -- -- -- -- -- well then he's -- -- -- -- sometimes and really -- -- come back the next -- -- a baseball you know you come back the next day in. You know play and you know just have some fun and there really enjoy your first post isn't going homes in a lot of fun afternoon I think you know having Ajax on about this and a great course and -- I can say you know we played great home lawyer it's been reduced to you know get back there and really you know get in the groove and that's our -- Edwin Jackson will get -- to Washington in game 371 o'clock on Wednesday and spark. He's the only starter who had playoff experience before this season winning a World Series last year in Saint Louis. The Cardinals get the ball to respond. Find -- -- earned his second ACC rookie of the week gone for his performance Saturday against Wake Forest. Do you counsel a lot finished with 105 yards receiving breaking the century mark for the second consecutive week and Demetrius Hartsfield. Who had ten tackles and a sack was named. In CC one back. That'll -- really Comcast sports net studios I'm Michael Jenkins for CSN Washington dot com. CSN Washington dot com.



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  2. Ryan Zimmerman0:25
  3. World Series1:15
  4. Saint Louis0:14, 1:16
  5. Jordan Zimmermann0:19
  6. Hartsfield1:33
  7. Ajax0:55
  8. Wake Forest1:25
  9. Edwin Jackson1:06
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