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CSN Washington dot com. Despite the twelfth for a loss Monday night and that's showed no signs of concern during their light workout on Tuesday. We're going on here they're down to a three game series and their happy to be the host down the stretch. I think that's why he works hard during the regular season and and we did our job on her we split it I think give ourselves a chance to come home and just when the series and if we do that like we've done a lot this year than the movie and there will be in the defense. We just Leo we we have the home crowd on our -- But. I mean these guys they've been here before he found another on dividends regardless on the road -- home -- They're gonna come out and they don't put -- a fight and this is known. We have to go out and we have to relax and we have to play those type of baseball that we didn't do not used to get us to this point. After two uncharacteristically. Less than stellar starts by GO Gonzales and Jordan Zimmermann. Then that's now turned to Edwin Jackson who last season added four post season starts. And a world championship to his resume. -- -- very -- showed up and covers and and I think the pitching I mean it but it she's been -- strength or a year and really didn't get. Two good first the first against us trademark. But I'm certainly is looking forward to Jackson and also that they're certainly capable. Of pitching good -- -- -- seeing -- we're pumped up nervous you know first time in the playoffs and in on the nervous myself venal self kinda having them up there I think definitely will be a little common factor and he knows what he has to do you know he knows this is -- we're confident that. The thing about closers in baseball is song. -- came -- studio recorded. And after -- controlled the pace and controlled temple and I didn't have an explanation that it is definitely held zone when you get in situations have been able to slow the game down and economy. -- the crowd out of the equation and just think about. Concentrating on what you have to do speaking. CSN Washington dot com.



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  2. Edwin Jackson1:01
  3. Washington0:00, 2:23
  4. post season1:05
  5. world championship1:06
  6. common factor1:40
  7. regular season0:20
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