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Pitching adjustments will be key in game 3



CSN Washington dot com. Okay so mark. That's got these first two games out of the way. Nerves though in and I guess. Angst maybe did you see from this inexperienced club I think is a little bit of it in those first two games especially early in game one -- game -- just kind of get out of hand I'm not so sure was a case of nerves or not but. Clearly is the team hasn't been in this position before hardly any guys and even played the post season and you're facing a Cardinals team that has been their botched times including last year winning the World Series. I think just coming home having two games under their belt they felt like everyone one -- -- two were in good position now to know to get the plane from their own fans I think. They'll be much calmer looser group in game three. Now it's funny because harper is a guy that we've seen come through with so many situations where he could be nervous -- he should've been nervous but -- -- you know he was an -- or. Obviously the good nerves took over the bad nerves. He hasn't performed as well that you kind of juxtapose that with the guy like Tyler Moore really came during game one. How do you kind of rectify those two situations. Yeah I mean Tyler Moore one shot and it went and did it you know I'm pretty amazing to be called that spot in game one harper. Yeah he's maybe being a little over aggressive may be chasing some balls out of the -- but I think. He doesn't wanna change who he is too much and we -- and try to take third base the situation didn't call -- but that's kind of Bryce Harper is when you try to put the reins in on him. He's not the same player anymore so I don't think -- once and to change anything that he's doing. The guys too talented he's been in big situations may not like this but he seems to thrive under that spots I think you're gonna see much better Bryce Harper final two or three games of the series. Well looking at the cardinals' offense I mean this is -- lineup obviously we saw in game two loaded with hitters. How do you kind of stalled that with the -- on -- yet they've had trouble against them to go back to that final series in Saint Louis before the end of the regular season Edwin Jackson and Ross that -- both got. Beat up pretty good. They've got so much depth top to bottom in the lineup so many potent hitters. I think one thing that Davey Johnson and Steve McCann the pitching coach would like to see their pitchers do. Is not rely on the fastball so much you wanna get ahead in the count with a fastball but then start to shake it up a little bit I think Jordan Yzerman in game two may be relied on it too much. He was around the plate wasn't walking guys but if you're not gonna have anything else for them to see. They kind of know what's coming and these are our hitters are very good fastball hitters and know what to do with that some maybe shake it up a little bit. And when is good -- when he has a good slider going and good curveball going he's got some of the best definitely and that's exactly what Kurt Suzuki said in the first outing he had against the Cardinals. That's what was working with his slider right and again he's got great stuff. You always wanna start with the fastball -- sealed everything off of that but you don't want to rely on it too much. CSN Washington dot com.



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