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Mike London previews Cavs vs. Terps



CSN Washington dot com. These guys are -- not gonna quit. They know they're very in tune to it. To what's going on and and and yet as our other coaches that's in the improvements and adjustments. That need to be made in. You know so we have another home game here against -- or cross border rival and you know there's a lot of our players and our team that. Are from the Maryland area. Obvious that rivalry you know is is easy distilled to a bit more but. It more and more importantly you know the ability to play. You know what like we're capable in getting back in a game back in a positive feeling about winning games on the field. Maybe coach you can see that game between the wahoos and the terps Ryder Cup that's -- that. It is homecoming at Charlottesville. Virginia -- as Maryland. Excited to read here. CSN Washington dot com.



  1. Maryland0:22, 0:47
  2. Ryder Cup0:43
  3. Virginia0:47
  4. Washington0:00, 0:51
  5. cross border0:18
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