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Mark Zuckerman on how the Nats played and need to play



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Wed, 10 Oct 2012|


CSN Washington dot com. Welcome back of more live coverage from Nationals Park nationals falling to the Cardinals eight nothing in game three we're joined by our nationals insider mark Zuckerman. Mark nationals had hits but not at the right times in this game. What are your thoughts -- their lack of timely hitting. Well I think -- -- seeing guys is the difference in post season play vs the regular season this was a really good lineup especially in the second half of the season I get to the post season. Still have three hits with runners in scoring position in three games and had none of them today and then not come from their big names I think the only three guys -- Which -- be called clutch -- to this pointer Kurt Suzuki Tyler Moore and Jordan Zimmermann pitcher. -- guys are coming up in situations where they can drive in runs. There may be pressing a little bit they're facing good pitching obviously but. The end result is they're not scoring runs. Struggled in the early innings Edward Jackson did that cost Washington the game. Well it put him another hole and this is kind of thing has happened almost and all three games now it you know four runs is not insurmountable and and certainly the bullpen. Helped make it a bigger hole but what they need right now -- -- to go out there and given. 234 scoreless innings to get to game starter given the chance to maybe take a -- it's tough to come from behind every single day. You know at winning in the end I guess he gave the game enough of a chance to win but. Especially the three run homer cosmos in the second inning of digging themselves -- -- nothing -- that's not what you're expecting from the one guy at a irritation. He does have postseason experience. This is the national team that is really not faced adversity that much the season. How do you think they're gonna deal with an elimination game tomorrow but while that's the big question -- -- -- the clubhouse after this game that was as down as I've seen all year. They really haven't had to face a situation like this I think. The motto is that common theme from everyone was. Had won ninety games were the best team in baseball there's no see no reason to go and try to change things now all of a sudden but. You have to play with a little more urgency because obviously one more loss of your season is over just like that so. You gotta be careful you don't wanna go too far out of your element to things try to do things too much but. -- Davey Johnson I think you have to have a quick hook with Ross -- -- and you have to consider -- your lineup somebody struggling maybe need to do something there. That's insider mark Zuckerman live from Nationals Park more we appreciate it thank you CSN Washington dot com.