CSN Washington dot com. Geico sports net central update. -- brought -- to get here with Geico sports that sense when your update. The Redskins knocked out the Vikings at FedEx Field on Sunday 3826. And here are your top five texts from Redskins postgame -- Number five. Christian stop pondering and go home. Don't forget to take the L -- you. And before. Concussion more like her question the way we beat up on a number three capital punishment is in full effect. I said number three capital punishment to the full effect -- And number two it's a -- it's -- -- know it's RG three and number one call him Robert -- of the third. Ron and Robert Ryan and he did all the Indians. Does all of bowler on you know coach on the tide coach said he felt you run by him because of the gust of wind and so that some. I'm gonna say column now but I could see you guys tell me I got the first of -- and stay amounts slide. And -- come around and like I think I can get a little more. And then you know it all went from stops they amounts to go you know go for the touchdown and it was it was interesting to see the different reactions. It is cornerback Anthony Kendrick got to go play. I think common sense prevails I think. He'll learn every game you know when to maybe slide when the threw the ball. The way you went to go to -- earlier. I thought I saw that today numbers situation. And you know time goes on they'll keep going and better and better. -- Cuban people from. That'll do prepare the Comcast sports net studios a -- of tickets for CSN Washington dot com. CSN Washington dot com.



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