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Sun, 14 Oct 2012|


CSN Washington dot com. But -- defense held them three times -- possessions inside the fifteen yard line on the field goals. Many in our defense a touchdown authority for the season topic of safety pencil. And did a great job again I thought way they played early it was very impressive you know keep him on the end zone. First couple drives we couldn't get anything going did a great job great game plan coming in with a couple corner blitzes blitzes and kind of keep us getting us off guard a little bit. I was -- our guys we kept our composure we came back and executed and did some you know did some adjustments. -- -- you gotta make -- game. But you know I was pleased with the players and the coaches you know throughout the game but. He gonna go through some adversity at times and yet keep composure there and I thought we did that -- it and chances on nine points. Committed 21 points and all of a sudden you know it's pretty hard to catch. Especially against a defense like that for touchdowns or if you guys in in six games on defense yeah that's that's ritual Patrick to get a and you -- put. For the football team we've got to make plays and totally impressed when they can plays which scored touchdowns. On in the four TDs per attempt you know Britain get noticeable on the six yard line which -- like continue in itself. They Lorenzo is only played probably a handful of snaps on defense all year until today. Just giving him a chance to have to brought pro up provide a spark to us. You guys just no one heck of football are getting involved in the game ball for him you know rushing like he did and limited plays he did play obviously the interception. But you know he's he's a guy that gives everything and inept play and some more obviously. Was that last was that long touchdown pass play on which he improvised. Yeah it was third down and he's looking to left and we had to have both outside receivers aren't cut out props on 1012 yards going to look over there. And Josh he saw -- lane open up. And he's very Smart very aware there was a six man rush. I don't get Robert right away you know he's he's in to the secondary and threshers their first now. I'm too many quarterbacks can out run those defensive back sets. -- was -- complacency that very often. -- like to hear some talk about and guys like can Robinson also in the for you know on the first half of Jordan -- just step it up and kinda. But David Jones kind of contributing in and I guess diversifying the defense and helping guys out that first half especially. Roy and any time you get a few safeties that go down keep throwing it opportunities don't dislike or defense -- line and they get it. Neil goes down you Carriker goes down and guys get opportunities -- rack and guys stepped up today liking and we talked about Lorenzo making some big plays and touch -- you got to have guys. Thing -- opportunity and there's a lot of young guys that put a lot of playing experience. -- did to the Big Ten did you today CSN Washington dot com.