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Mon, 15 Oct 2012|

Machine Generated Transcript

CSN Washington dot com. Part I think you are a mark that game five loss is going to be a hard one to move past but I think we've we've we've seen of let's get on. To next season which still has a lot of promise a lot of moves to be taking care for the offseason number one. Adam LaRoche what does the team -- with this guy yet this is their number one offseason issue because here's a guy who was so important to them all season long there's a mutual option for ten million dollars of both sides wonder -- the problem is. The -- is gonna wanna longer term deal is coming off one of his best seasons ever. The nationals are agreeable to that. The question is can come to terms that worked out is -- two years with an option three more years whatever the case they've got to get something done. Before five days after the end of the World Series that's when he -- free agent for sure. They don't wanna let's get that point let them talk to other teams so they'd like you've done before that. There's a lot of teams I would like that bad of course he was a big earlier in the locker was while some of the team wants to keep on the let's get on to the rotation. Pretty much for Sutter suffered Edwin Jackson is set to become a free agent what does the team make the move here are being let them. Yet again I think you're the guy who get a lot for them this year and he has interest in coming back I'm not so sure the nationals have interest in bring him back especially the way that he pitched. In the postseason. Another guy who's gonna want a longer term deal I'm not so sure they wanna do that. There are some in house options if they wanna keep John -- they still have him Christian Garcia reliever has they've talked about making him into a starter. -- Mike -- I think he's gonna go out and try to get an established. Starting pitcher not a big name but a guy who could -- to the back and maybe -- a two year deal a veteran somebody help mentor the rest of the staff. Lot of possible names out there we'll see where it goes but I don't think that Edwin Jackson's back. Let's get -- to -- magician of this team Davey Johnson he's really done a great number with getting this team together and had a and really a good direction obviously under Mike rose's guidance but what is DD do I mean he's he seems comfortable but does he is here in action. Yeah yeah officially he's not decided yet or announced him when he is doing now he is under contract to remain with the organization as a consultant. He's kind of suggested all along to return as manager I think he will be the only way he wouldn't have if they won the World Series and Wanda. Ride off into the sunset or maybe there was health issue but he seems to be fine. I think he's gonna -- to come back and tried to lead this team -- World Series next year. I think one more immediate help he'll be seventy next year is done it is a grind it's more than he's used to. I think they'd like to ultimately groom somebody take over and maybe Randy -- but Porter would have been a candidate for that he's now and -- the Houston Astros. So we'll see that we have to look forward to but I do think Davey has to. CSN Washington dot com.

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