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Mon, 15 Oct 2012|


CSN Washington dot com. Mike Shanahan exclusive. Is brought to you by your Washington DC area GMC dealers. I coached let's -- let's start with the glass plate for the 76 yard touchdown run by your quarterback. He makes that run -- in the stands he comes over he has a grin from Orlando -- on his face. And you briefly what he said. It's a great job at that point you know everybody is excited you know turning point in the game obviously in the first down there. And guys stepped up like against one of the great Johnson off to corner. As soon as Robert stepped up usually get the first down the question was. The have a chance to go the distance and how many people can make that play. You talk for weeks about the fact that your wide outs a willing to get dirty and nasty on the field and blocking downfield. Then it's end up in some some large place you've got us. On 710 yard Gainer a fifteen yard gain got a chance to go six or seven he goes the distance and you gotta do is do that is a football team to have a good running game. So calm cool collected you're that way when you guys made the trade for Robert this guy is not the first guy in NFL history to run for the past four. Touchdowns. 35 yards -- first time ever in this. He's doing some special things that I you know obviously not about well you are used to enjoy watching. The guys that can work every day one -- the best you can be sure you appreciate that -- start was. I think everybody you have to tell -- -- just watched him in college when the Heisman Trophy and all the accolades that he did receive until somebody comes -- you -- for the day to day basis you don't know for sure and -- -- anything that you ask -- to do you know he focuses he works. You want me a great player when he does make mistake you know he's tough on himself and he wants to do everything right away which gives them a chance to really be good. About the composure of your -- you guys are down nine nothing by the way nice guy by you so what to do say. Hi I'm coach Mike Shanahan cut for -- squad could -- Order for them. The great part about that is. Yeah we had our first two series and offense and they really surprises they brought some quarter blitzes -- him bringing. They did something to him Childress and so we had to make some adjustments in the third series and our guys kept their composure and thankfully our defense -- Obviously that won't have good people feel good. We held nine point so thankful to the four and nine in nineteen we held the field goals. There was a difference in the game we got a little momentum going ourselves and once we got the momentum going I think our players could finish -- CSN Washington dot com.

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