CSN Washington dot com. The sting of the way the nationals tremendous season came to an end is beginning to Wear off the wounds are still raw. But the healing has begun so the attention now turns to what happens next season what will they look like who's in -- out. With more on that he has and that instead of mark Zuckerman George do. Think you aren't mark we gotta talk about Stephen Strasburg now the big story also is -- -- about his infamous shot down what is -- team do now moving forward. Until next season do they still given to pitch count they just kind of let this guy go -- And -- what they'll watch him sort of like they did with Jordan's -- this year but he's gonna be let free to go I -- spring training -- going to be pitching just like anybody else -- let him get up to 200 innings. For the season to watch him start to start not really push him. Too far beyond you know 110 pitches maybe per game. But the whole idea all along was. Bring him up level by level he went up about forty innings this year to go another forty next year and ideally he should be good to go for the brief post season and let him go straight through. Put him back the nationals they really have one of the best starting rotations in the National League also got to Gonzales as you mentioned just Zimmerman there so what about the -- rotation moving forward them. Well the one question marks can be Edwin Jackson that's the one guy who's not locked up for next year and I don't think they're gonna bring him back I think Mike Rizzo knowing him is gonna look for. A veteran starter somebody to bring in meant for the rest this. Half a little bit more of a sure thing he has some options within the system John Lannan is still there under their control if they wanna keep him. Christian Garcia as a reliever that they could decide to make into a starter. They were actually really lucky this year though they did not have injuries in the rotation and say didn't need a lot of depth. Something you ultimately would like to have so I do think Grissom goes out and tries replace Edwin Jackson and give themselves a really good rotation. Now you talk about the bullpen -- the closing positions on the Dodgers store and is gonna be hard to imagine I'll be remembered I remembered for much else outside that just epic collapse allowing four runs in the Cardinals to just run away with this how does that impact him moving forward you know. I'm not so sure it does some closes I might be worried about how they would respond to that drew storm is a really tough minded kid. Comes from a good background his father's been in sports media for a long time he went to Stanford and he sort understands what the role of closer is and he looked at that game and said he did everything you could be made some really good pictures that the Cardinals just did not chase. That ought to be a lot of pressure on him and certainly when he gets back in that situation next year. Everyone's -- -- watching how he handles the ninth inning but the job as he is I don't see the nationals suddenly abandoning their closer who's gonna be their guy for a long tough -- yet he's still 25 so hopefully a very bright future. And for that I thank you mark Zuckerman appreciate it thank you. CSN Washington dot com.



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