Five sports talk live FaceBook -- as a child -- every week. When they get more -- you involved he won last week. No I went Simone I mean you do want well if that's just common. It was not important to give you whatever. Is talking like well what -- ourselves on your ball pick the team in your quarterback. -- -- Why receiver -- your tight end and also the two minutes and then we'll find out there this season. And we'll try to figure out some key charges and get the Chiefs didn't get -- might -- -- -- -- quite -- but. -- part of -- -- Drew Brees for a bacteria faults or AJ green or one out walk around our house is exciting and I'm thinking the Bears defense. Ayers I probably don't know the over the Eli wanted to express you know you are fat. These guys there Chris just -- what -- last week -- job of stick with him because he hit a for the Ravens -- like that matchup because that Houston defense. In the -- defense gonna to get picked off -- couple times make you make of how he faced. And -- the based on the -- on this week but go affiliate lineup just go to FaceBook page sports talk live like it while you're there in the general -- up. And maybe a wet last week Samoa props are getting go to tour also having caught Macias in RB missed lapses and yet that -- now. And I will be and again what guarantee us. -- put some money so we we'll play.



  1. Drew Brees0:37
  2. AJ green0:39
  3. Ravens0:56
  4. Samoa1:12
  5. FaceBook0:06, 1:07
  6. Houston0:57
  7. Bears0:43
  8. Chiefs0:33
Thu, 18 Oct 2012|