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  1. Cam Newton1:01
  2. Ray Lewis1:23
  3. Indianapolis Colts1:39
  4. Tom Brady2:41
  5. Pittsburgh Pirates2:55
  6. New England2:35, 2:39
  7. Clay Matthews2:08
  8. NHL0:29
  9. football team1:41
  10. Achilles injury1:27
Fri, 19 Oct 2012|

Machine Generated Transcript

CSN Washington dot com. -- -- crop up each week about probe picks with this man tar heel this year from CSN Washington dot com and I have to commend you. I mean you're right there you have not wilted under the pressure. Done a great job. I'm three -- in the loss column Chara likes me looking at that loss column the all important loss column -- But -- to close the gap here. You've been solid brother you've been solid annually these are NHL pics here you know the other NFL picks so off we are ready. Now of course both of those would have picked separate -- last letters were picketed there early -- right when you have that prepare. Tennessee at Buffalo kicked in at all -- -- the -- ball low on this side that Tennessee. Who knows what team's gonna show up with them to the Titans are dogs in the road go Buffalo as well. Dallas at Carolina and I said last week I never picked the Cowboys this week. I never picked -- -- little about what. I got to go to Dallas I mean until Cam Newton shows up United's season he's and you all year they're in trouble. Here's an interesting game. Baltimore at Houston Houston come off their first loss. From an awful multiple losses in terms of personnel. Of this hard work you know I'm gonna go with Houston. I just think it's gonna take the Ravens are a couple of games too I just without. They're emotional leader Ray Lewis around. And who knows if -- Suggs can give back I mean he's trying to -- back -- an Achilles injury I don't think he plays this week and Cleveland and Indianapolis on pick and indeed there. You know what -- Cleveland's -- -- was just terrible reviews skated together away from their home stadium gone with the cold somebody takes Indianapolis Colts and Arizona Minnesota -- football team I think Minnesota bounces back from a loss to the rescue. I agree are the Vikings are very mad. And -- be good -- -- so long ago with the likes Green Bay at Saint Louis and we've got a very somewhere here yeah. Okay I'm -- goes Green -- we don't -- there I'm taking dream -- -- ethic and I area air rods pot now I think he's finally found his found his comfort -- always good to go I like Jeff -- technique really fun day blonde wig and you have a linebacker put it on to simulate Clay Matthews SF at. Should try to find out what the blockers come from no it's. At Tampa Bay now. Well I know might -- -- Rangel of New Orleans I don't. -- I think you know it on the Buccaneers passing. I think -- reasonably. Tampa Bay when a team isn't winning it you've got that disciplinarian coach try to put a new culture it's going to be a long year for the Jets at New England. And retro it's. I guarantee you we beat New England sorry Rex I got -- -- Tom Brady at all there -- I'm home with Brady's well I think that is going to be the closest made one of the most entertaining games of the week but. I'm going where you know to lock of the week Jacksonville and Oakland after. Someone's -- -- arena -- then I'm going local level -- to Pittsburgh Pirates -- travel to Pittsburgh next week take on the Steelers this week the Steelers on the road at Cincinnati in the Steelers are hurt do. There Kuerten and they're struggling -- -- on with Austin's about -- or Cincinnati to we've always very and one game Detroit at Chicago the Monday night game. Go Chicago coming off a lot has been five and one thing Sosa a lot of movement between you and me -- three games up here going into week seven we've always differed in one game so far but here we go your chance. To maybe go the other way your -- like Redskins and Giants. It's going to be a good NFC east battle that it's going to be close like all the games are and I'm going to Giants. I you know I I honestly I went back and forth three or four times Muslim. Eli is playing -- they got a good front four I'm going with the Giants to take last week Minnesota. No I don't think it's a good. The Redskins are instruments you know okay -- aggregate until I'm always go against the scare into Dallas in the room behind there and and we'll see you next week we will see you in New York CSN Washington dot com.

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