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RG3 on Santana Moss and loss to Giants



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Sun, 21 Oct 2012|

Machine Generated Transcript

CSN Washington dot com. Since things and it has developed into a security blanket for -- you know tennis and got to -- it all he's done it also. Thumb whenever you have a guy out there who can do those kind of things you wanna get the ball in his hands with. No I -- talk to talk to him and talked to a lot of other people -- -- forces -- because teams do know Jimenez Santana Moss so. She's Obama gets on the she's not been as long. The golden girls that what's what he's seeing it was dusty and what's just -- connection when you hear it. I mean they they were one Hans safety. Com you know we had a a good play against that that look but calm rarely do you throw a seam route the way we did on that play good. You like I told them I saw one -- safety safety -- the other way and you know I got Santana Moss one on one thumb Nuggets a rookie so. And I'm rookie myself -- it did you gotta you have to take that. It's a new manage it now get your take events. You have to take advantage of that news not just wanna give him a chance and he needs only appreciates that because you know a lot of people say that they don't think he still has that for wanna see and I think he still has it and I he showed right there. Nick Novak if you get that touchdown to take the -- you know I don't think that's happened. No I'm not so I talk to the difference on the sideline and told him you know let's let's in this game in regulation. And you know it didn't happen so it's not their fault it's not anybody's fault but -- once they scored I was ready to go back out there and then -- another touchdown drive for us to win the game. Analysis economize and Jeff that you can't be shocked. Or awed by anything that happens on the field it's a ball on the -- can -- different -- on every single -- I'll tell you that I got to the past. -- Yeah I mean they're extremely they have an extremely good passer as a fellow we did comments stone made it a prolonged Tom -- -- -- know what's coming Adam. -- that's so that's our job this extra -- confusion out there but you know in the second half that they give me a few times and on the other talent to guys and you know they got a talented defense so sometimes and get some -- or get them. And as long as we're getting them more than an analysis on. Andre what is it like I was down when it was exactly what. Do you enjoy that I mean is it can have fun in that moment. Yeah I mean you can and you know I got on try to tell everyone you work through the play. And then after the play -- you've exhausted everything on the play that you can play backyard football. Com and and just as long as Scottsdale we can do that. But it's not like you -- play you know like I will go straight to back to our football -- -- called things and it doesn't work as well that way. So I exhaust my progression got outside. That loss stayed alive and we made it -- CSN Washington dot com.

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