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Will Chris Cooley be back with Fred Davis out?



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Sun, 21 Oct 2012|

Machine Generated Transcript

CSN Washington dot com Fred Davis. Torn Achilles out for the season. Saw last the -- over crew is -- a no brainer that they call. Chris Cooley who was let go before the season began -- -- Come on -- Well here's the thing you know going -- that they're doing this for a living you don't have access to all players are available to work outs in the trials but usually what you do when a situation like this. If you go back to the player that you had in training camp. If if he was a confident player because he knows the system and he's in shape you have to assume he's in shape which you can find that out and then we executed contract I'll say this. Nine times and -- a contract at this point is minimum salary which is over a 100000 dollars. So you an -- to cause a big pay cut from which Chris Cooley was make it it's a big -- from what he's making now have to understand that Duke. So with that that's what you have to look at he's usually go back the last player you had if he's in shape or from a minute contract and then he comes back. And then -- it's obviously here's a guy who knows the system well enough and he was a guy who helped Fred Davis come along he was helping Niles Paul or in the position so as far as knowledge goes. Again I go back to no brainer thing. Yes hello Brenda with the knowledge I think but also -- that you don't just wanna -- knowledgeable. At this point you'd that you want tomorrow to replace Fred Davis you'll try to -- the play exactly like Fred Davis the and you have the quicker they get lit themselves the question is Chris Cooley at that point. At this point of his career K Chris could come back to truly be of our game brink -- -- -- can he come back and you've got a very knowledgeable. We don't give me play here in this but he's not competitive -- effective got a Fred Davis is capable of it the way just give -- a lot of question and our other guys out there. They're Dave Lacey did they give them the same possibility. Sport if you look at the guys they have on the roster maybe one of the other guys to let go and move forward they're not alone during Davis -- on the tree though I don't. Right -- I think that's what they'll do I think if they do bring Cooley on. You'll be replaced Fred Davis it'll be you know will be in the third tide in position and either Niles Paul or Logan -- be the got a slipping to davis' role. CSN Washington dot com.

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