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Mon, 22 Oct 2012|

Machine Generated Transcript

CSN Washington dot com. And he is back joining us right here at wrecks and parts of Chris. Obviously I know you're in the car listen to the game here Fred Davis go down you have to think they're gonna make that phone call when the phone call homes. What mystery. Why. Setter and waited for all the high up. Again I was Bob -- Very very bad for Fred I really felt for Fred because he was having a great year and in the timing of it is awful in his life it's just. As a player Europe you see how that goes in the end. It's just very frustrating for him. When I found out that he he tore his Achilles it's it's a definite and I our situation in and I was on my toes all I was. But was a fun to be around. So I was excited to get the call coach landed I think about 7730. In the first call I got was from coach Shanahan. He said. Do you wanna play football and I said yeah right now right now let me complain. You've said all along. You've had other opportunities but. You really wanna come back here and play. So can you imagine -- you got to take it one of those opportunities in this takes place to mean it would not have been like you said it's not you worker from an era. You wouldn't put going to be around at that point that. No I I've thought about that being in another city right now would be the worst thing in the world for me and it I'm thankful that I was provided a good situation where I didn't have to say. I need -- paycheck and I need to continue to play football I -- when we go to Oakland let me go to Miami you're somewhere where -- I can just play football for money. And wanna do that I wanted to. Allow myself a chance to be back here. And if I wasn't gonna play football here stay in this area and be part of this organization. And and I'm very fortunate for doing that and it and it. Worked out just right for me. And again I'm very sorry for my short and in. Then I hate to see that but for. For my career this is exactly what I wanted to and. Urgency earlier that you want to be back in that locker room with your guys so you go in there I imagine. Wednesday. Game planning for the Pittsburgh Steelers -- that -- obvious to me that the situation for absolute lies in there working out today I went. When end -- with two ways it -- that kicked Kirk cousins out of my locker if you didn't really I did it yeah. On come out of my locker thinking that back he -- me we there's a favorite -- I -- -- our running game some furniture. Yes moved into his part of my furniture sitting in my locker back. But. I think it'll be different for everyone. Today Wednesday. We'll get in the game plan it's not anything new for me it's. I know all the guys and other team off their right in it it it's not and it by Thursday Friday it's. I'm sure to -- probably to a lot of people you'll feel like I was not gone for the first six weeks I can say another you know by now redskin nation certainly have your back. He's one of the fan favorites and the media favorites always very kind -- so. Officially from we the media welcome back. -- -- to risk his next check absolutely that's Chris Cooley that's -- about the CSN Washington dot com.

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