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Shanahan: 'I trust Chris'


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Mon, 22 Oct 2012|

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CSN Washington dot com. I think the number one concern is. As you've been working out in Chris hands. Sort of guys been running and lifting you feel like he's in good shape and getting the chance to get back lot quicker. The somewhat normal anyway. Not expecting to play at all and so as I said before I trust Chris. Connelly says he's ready to go he's ready to go. It's nice that we can go in and and acquire a player like Chris who knows our offense knows the team knows his teammates I feel good. Bad for Fred Davis and that he's lost for the season but. It's it's nice that we have someone that we trust and know can perform we're real clear from the beginning and Chris wanted to see if there were some other opportunities that might. Worked out form with other teams but then he he turned down a lot of offers and he won and only play for the risks. CSN Washington dot com.

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