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Redskins excited for Cooley's return...



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Tue, 23 Oct 2012|

Machine Generated Transcript

Welcome back today in Charlotte Redskins tight end Fred Davis underwent surgery for his ruptured left Achilles tendon. Well Davies used at the foot specialist Robert Anderson that's the same -- that Ravens linebacker Terrell Suggs he -- -- sucks he returned to the game last week just five months. After surgery. Not today davis' team -- -- Coca-Cola to sponsor a -- flag football event at FedEx Field now it's been an up and down last few days for the team with the loss of Davis. And the addition of Chris Cooley here's what his teammates had to say about the return. Captain chaos. I kind of knew right after the game for the -- they'll consider that the only Thai -- Mexican cardinals' offense to tremendous Chris -- -- -- when I came for treatment Monday. And I seen mother I knew it maneuver could -- I was excited -- every game in the final ways to give you more more involved in the offense. And have a good back is going to be a great help because she was attributed to me in training camp. Saw -- -- I'm excited I saw him a couple of weeks ago at the press can send them do it can't be in the -- real good -- you know of course he knows Dolphins. Com open affair right there -- keep going you know you. The sale have been through a little slow list she's on the same for me keep them motivated and -- -- Including with the right then you know who's coaching you -- CSN Washington dot com.

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