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Wizards Coach Randy Wittman looks forward to home opener



  1. Mike Shanahan0:03
  2. Drew Brees0:27
  3. Fred Davis0:12
  4. GMC0:07
  5. Pittsburgh1:11, 1:12
  6. Steelers1:11
  7. Washington0:00, 0:06, 1:35
Tue, 23 Oct 2012|

Machine Generated Transcript

CSN Washington dot com. -- Mike Shanahan exclusive. Is brought to you by your Washington DC area GMC dealers. What that unsung hero and Logan Paulsen and Fred Davis I was is out that we'll talk what preschool in the second. But this guy who. It just seems to love the game and and and play the game as hard as you possibly can. They may explain because -- ball extremely well he blocks well. Drew Brees is not quite fast and hopefully we seemed to come into place. Was an easy phone call -- make her call went on his exit press conference almost like he was there you were stand there listening to him. That happen often when a guy's been released the head coach still and listen to. Well number one thing you know I think a lot of Chris. I felt I needed to be either. The one thing I've always been as -- as for players you know and and I had to be honest with Chris and we and we had a good talk and it's always tough because you. -- kind of player that has done what he's done it's always very emotional time. But a situation like this I thought might happen so I'm excited for him to come back yeah. I think persistent wind beautifully NFC east to the Pittsburgh Steelers at Pittsburgh and he sure did that on nothing -- days and this is well on what it's tough to go there. Tried to me it's a great place to play you know because the fans aren't it's it was just a great atmosphere I've been -- a number of times and so is it game me. I can't -- look forward to look -- you know I think you know how good they are consistently and stuff to be in there but it's to me what purple ball. CSN Washington dot com.

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