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Wed, 24 Oct 2012|


CSN Washington dot com. Your memory is a little -- about exactly what happened or. Mason nation last week you come to the right place -- got you covered and all that. It's all paying attention. -- W and it's coming out next. Let's head to the bench as the men's soccer team played a pair of matches over the weekend and now Wednesday the Patriots offense is clicking on all cylinders to top 101003. To nothing. Behind two goals by senior Taylor Morgan and one by John Gardner. On Saturday night the team concluded its regular season home schedule -- the match against CAA rivaled teams now. After a scoreless first half the green and -- found the back then then just moments into the second stanza with this goal by Wesley Seaver. Do you see answered with two -- of their -- to hold up the Patriots to the wind. Jason hits the road towards final three matches of the season started and a trip to Delaware on Wednesday. And conference leading northeastern and Saturday Saturday night was a special one is the team record and -- thirtieth anniversary. In 1982 team and also gave a special presentation. Martin died before his contributions to your program. Congratulations to newest inductees in the men's soccer hall of fame Kenny Bernstein -- have brought young and mark ballistic. It's Diane Drake in the women's soccer team -- an action at home over the weekend taking NCAA -- Georgia State and UNC will. On Friday night the offense found its rhythm early with goals from his side his and that ballpark early in the first after power their way to. One victory. Offense had a tougher time on that Sunday against UN CW doesn't ladies fell to the Seahawks -- nothing. Housing comes to George Mason stadium this Wednesday night for the final game of the season. Kickoff is scheduled for 7 PM. Mason -- traveled to Boston over the weekend and participate and head of the Charles and green and both captured in eighth place in the club -- -- -- returns in the water on November 3 when they -- to have any active aren't as saying -- regional park. Men's tennis team was in action at the ITA Atlantic regional -- Charlottesville over the weekend the doubles team. Davis and stacking. -- paints -- around sixteen before falling to Virginia -- Davis also advanced to the second round in singles now. And -- -- and marking the first time the Patriots and advance to singles players to the second round. -- played a women's volleyball team was on the road in Atlanta on Sunday for a matinee -- Georgia State. Amazing couldn't Muster enough offense falling to the Panthers in straight sets of the ladies we'll continue their road swing this Friday and so. UNC will. Don't forget that Thursday night we'll -- first chance to see the men's basketball team in action as they host the Patriots -- For this week's show will be sure to check back next week learn all -- again. I'm Greg Jennings. CSN Washington dot com.

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