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Cooley: 'I can definitely do this...'



  1. Chris Cooley1:14, 1:33
  2. London Fletcher0:15
  3. Mike Shanahan0:24
  4. Johnny Unitas3:35
  5. LeSean McCoy2:45
  6. Lenny Moore3:36
  7. Lorenzo Alexander0:55
  8. Robert Griffin2:41
  9. Baltimore Colts3:31
  10. nicest guy2:20
Wed, 24 Oct 2012|

Machine Generated Transcript

Csnwashington.com. Thought about the Redskins now and take -- to Ashburn where rob Carlin joins us live. Rob Redskins had some injury issues as well primarily with their defensive leader. Yet Jenks think we all expect London Fletcher not to practice today after hurting his hamstring on Sunday against the Giants but it was after practice. We found out some pretty bizarre and surprising news. Mike Shanahan telling us that Pletcher has been. Bothered by dizziness and not having good balance he's actually going to see a neurologist today. -- started feeling the effects on Monday night and spoke to team doctor he'll meet. Again with doctors today they hoped to know more by tomorrow. But as of right now at this moment Fletcher NFL high 231. Game played street. Is in serious. Jeopardy. Now he can't go expect Lorenzo Alexander to get much more playing time. We will hear from him coming up a little bit later in the show plus our Redskins insider -- -- -- join us talk about more about Fletcher as well. -- about -- -- are so on and his foot injury meanwhile the other big news today. Who moon. The Chris Cooley is back. On the practice field he's been around this facility a lot since being released but that was mostly for work on TV. Now he's very eager and happy to get back to work on the field. As the leaves at the ground in the NFL season closes in on its midway point. Chris Cooley is back home in the only uniform he ever wanted aware happy again to be a player not a fan. I've always loved the game and I think it was nice of Sebastien. We look around and watch football games and I watched a leaving. I looked -- and thought I can definitely do this and known as good as a lot of these players and so it's a good. Through that. There was great it's that have cool man back as a calm and he -- he did good today. You know always I was running so fast on my -- wants him and pre season but doesn't count so you know hopefully cannot get one. But in this next game. Where he doesn't need to prove himself again is in the locker room. As a nine year vet he had no problems getting his old locker back from a rookie Kirk cousins is the nicest guy in the world and he said I wanna give you -- the backing of -- so much a locker backe said he had to greatness and on a -- And really tell -- adherence. To get Jets at the -- now but he knows her dress again how can he help on offense he's a good blocking -- and the skins don't really need help running the ball. Alfred Morris leads the NFC and is one yard off the leading the Robert Griffin the third is twelfth overall in rushing ahead of guys that LeSean McCoy. Leading the league in that category isn't this game. The result of -- Certain to go out try to run the ball so it feels good to run the ball that being said he wanted to win more than water on the ball and so is important for us go out this week for the way you went. -- let's have a more wins in rushing yards let. You know that being said I know those those type those stats are indicative of the direction we're heading in and that there were gossiping is it is you know. I was about to put up stats that sort of. Well overall other stats are. Pretty impressive right now the Redskins are averaging over a 175. Yards rushing and over 200 yards passing per game. The last team to do that over a full season in the NFL. Was in 1958. Baltimore Colts. -- a couple of hall of famers on their lineup with Johnny Unitas Lenny Moore and Raymond Barre pretty impressive company. But they will have their hands full this week against the Steelers defense that seemingly has been good for ever csnwashington.com.

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