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  2. Mike Shanahan1:36, 1:41
  3. Fred Davis2:36
  4. Iron Man2:08
  5. Lorenzo Alexander0:37
  6. Robert Anderson2:41
  7. Robert Griffin2:10
  8. practice field1:32, 2:24
  9. fumble recovery0:43
  10. hamstring injury0:18
Wed, 24 Oct 2012|

Machine Generated Transcript

CSN Washington dot com. By the back. In the redskins' locker room linebacker London Fletcher is synonymous with the word leader. And not just when it comes to the Redskins defense Fletcher has played in an incredible 231. Consecutive games a stretch of fourteen years. Now that streak is in jeopardy as Fletcher struggles with a hamstring injury. And balance issues which have come -- today. Once again we rejoin our rob -- live from Redskins park and Robinson won it doesn't go on Sunday what a huge blow that would be -- -- today. I absolutely he's the quarterback of that defense has been for a long time he's been great as you said. That consecutive games streak he'll be hard to replace but Lorenzo Alexander was fantastic two weeks ago against Minnesota. Had a sack and I have had that fumble recovery slash interception however you wanna rule that he's been earning more playing time. He wanna get more PT through this injury but that might just happen. And -- Fletcher can't go on Sunday -- Alexander will try to fill that void. I'll stop taking all the reps all week. Prepare like he's not going to play and so when I go out there playing at a high level that he has already set for this team at the Mike linebacker. Just you know just blocking it should avoid as best I can't you never can make a for a guy like Glendon who's been in the league fifteen years and -- experience what he brings -- team as far as leadership. -- football IQ but I'm going to do the best I can and cannot allow. Anybody wonder why why none of them and again that's my job. Joining us now as a Redskins insider Tariq Al this year and like I said earlier we all kind of knew the hamstring he hurt it today probably wouldn't be on the practice field. I think we're all locked surprise -- -- a lot surprise -- Mike Shanahan brought up his balance issue with London -- what. We've taken that. Well you know coach Mike Shanahan didn't use the word concussion but anytime you're talking about. A physical sport like football. And a player has a balance issue that's the first and it comes to mind we know the NFL -- very stringent rules regarding who complain when you practicing you have a concussion. We're supposed to find out more tomorrow London Fletcher is gonna -- neurologist. And if he is diagnosed with something other than just balance -- is that there's a concussion. I would say there's a very strong chance he's not to reveal to extend his Iron Man streak Sunday in Pittsburgh. Robert Griffin the third reaction is look I'm not a betting man but I bet she plays out there right now it's Wednesday we don't know right now. You think he'll be there on -- You know I'm gonna tell a cop out on the losing its 5050 he was out there he was out there on the practice field and was a kind of watching how things were developing. I think we're don't know a lot more by Friday if he's not practicing Friday he's out. Meanwhile here are so on the other bit of news today went down to Charlotte to. Meet at the same doctor that performed the surgery on Fred Davis what's the latest with Pierre well like you said he went to see a specialist side now the specialists. Robert Anderson has this has been looking at all of -- memorize every time Pierre is gonna see a doctor. But di you know right I think he won it seeing him wanted to meet with the doctor face to face literally talk it out and -- -- that the thing that troubled me was seen him said. Are so I told them today there has been no improvement that he's been working in the pool trying to get back but right now they sit way. Tar heel this year I'm Ron -- got us back to you. Our guys think is so much rob -- -- L this year live from Redskins park thank you generally. CSN Washington dot com.

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