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Redskins Nation: Rich Tandler on return of Cooley



  1. Chris Cooley0:15, 1:15
  2. Mike Shanahan1:16, 1:40
  3. Fred Davis1:27
  4. Chandler0:14
  5. Pittsburgh0:44
  6. Seattle1:03
  7. Washington0:00, 0:12, 1:50
  8. November December0:51
Wed, 24 Oct 2012|

Machine Generated Transcript

CSN Washington dot com. We're -- Redskins nation presented by prospect calf problem or Michael cloud our weekly visit from CSN Washington reached Chandler and his without Chris Cooley and are you disappointed Cooley is an -- that the questions. Yeah kind of but you know -- you and I kind of got to get a good good rapport going so I think we'll we'll we'll muddle through this -- Are we heard from goalie earlier in the show how does it contribute. Does it contribute in the big way we know he knows how to play this the question is. -- well this campaign that right how it's gonna -- that's why I think I -- see -- kind of cramped up in terms of snaps I would look for him maybe. Twelve to twenty snaps against against Pittsburgh this week. You know a few more against Carolina. Got the bye week and and you know maybe by. Late November December being up two. Yeah I don't know if he's gonna play a 5060 snapped roller 3040 year. You know how they're gonna fit him -- -- I don't think even they know right now I think there's -- out goes on the field it's Seattle they mentioned how he misses and we the other players and and theory out from there. Very interest in how it's turned out is that that I mean we were. Outside not too long ago that tearful goodbye press conference by Chris Cooley. Mike Shanahan also showed some emotion he really liked Cooley not always. Yeah that's where. Yeah it is I mean -- you know and certainly nobody want to see it happen the way it did with Fred Davis you don't want to do his best offensive players the leading receiver going down. About a it was it was fortunate for them they had -- guy who knows the offense wanted to play Aaron -- just been kind of sitting around basically waiting for. The phone call from Mike Shanahan to come back and play any NFL. CSN Washington dot com.

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