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Redskins defense prepares for Big Ben


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Thu, 25 Oct 2012|

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CSN Washington dot com. The black and gold are no longer ground and pound those great teams of the steelers' past used to beat you down -- opposing running game. This year squad near last in the league in rushing but through the air for top six. -- definitely. Passing team now. Three step. You know there are a lot of different things then you know I used to and this is definitely a different. A ballclub than they were when I've played them. And this week Washington's defense -- a sense of what opposing defense does get the face every week a quarterback who -- and plays with his legs. And while Ben Roethlisberger won't burn you with a 76 yard run keeping plays alive. Can be just as deadly. Got -- has a mental -- -- times three. Four seconds tops you know that's -- you pass rushing respectable will be dealt but. Settlement to play a 72 play there will be long -- on the field so we gotta keep -- we got to keep going long pass were reflect we should be role. He's always taught to do enough you don't hit 34 set when and they got to come from 78 at the scrambling. So now the defense a -- I think really to step up this weekend. Help corral being key from you know in the pot and -- on the standout game on the ground in the. Against -- Perez. Have my hands on me is suspect has -- -- -- do his job is secure and men child not let them just. -- typically going to students it's a bit -- a -- going. Pittsburgh's passing attack couple with the redskins' inability to stop the big passing plays seems like an ideal match but the steelers' point of view. That's would you think I don't look at them either giving up the big player or the opportunity for big plays -- I look from them as. Their take -- machine they take away the ball to score on defense so to me that that is some money to keep miles or more in the big play being available. Roethlisberger knows -- what he speaks redskins' defense plus seven turnover. That's tied for fifth best in the league -- they get an interception gets big -- on Sunday that's nine straight games this franchise hasn't done that. In seventeen years. But the Redskins -- and this CSN Washington she is in Washington dot com.

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