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B-Mitch and Ivan make Week 8 Fantasy Football picks



  1. Wes Welker0:27
  2. Mike Wallace0:44, 1:09
  3. Patriots defense0:35
  4. Ravens1:19
  5. Rivers0:36, 1:01
  6. Charlotte0:26
  7. San Francisco's0:51
  8. Cleveland0:41
Thu, 25 Oct 2012|

Machine Generated Transcript

CSN Washington dot com. -- every week you know you can -- the sports talk live fantasy challenge go to FaceBook. Dot com called the sports talk like Paige usually beat her like it. And just don't like don't -- is -- out. Here ready to go Brady's out and Rolen went out there are probably not -- -- fellow colleagues. To me this week on what era as a quarterback. Mark Charlotte to running back Wes Welker and gronkowski both from the pages will be a while receiving tight end. As they did so well for me last week I'm going with the Patriots defense again. Joan Rivers get about back he's due for a big game I'm sticking with a was on my favorite guys played Cleveland. -- McGahee gets the wallet is gonna pile up some yards Mike Wallace gets a skins and that's secondary prove me wrong. Proven wrong. -- resolve it is really always take Tony junior and I've taken San Francisco's Deke. I'm gonna get the W you guys go the last straw to play against us I'm tired there's -- Dragon and -- You pick Philip Rivers last time he threw. For an assistant yeah two fumbles through a rough day and -- campaign he always pick someone big issues is Mike Wallace this week what. He chose a hole -- Atlanta team one week totally -- he's a straight later. Yeah or somebody -- college guys got on a struggle out Ravens got some I don't think he'll be Somalis and I hate. -- baseball and a lot of sports talk live me. She -- in Washington dot com.

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