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Holy Football! Pastor Ken predicts high scoring for Redskins-Steelers



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Fri, 26 Oct 2012|


And I -- ends up in on the passer -- object is that that's again this. Located at putting my putting by east west highway answering all Montgomery county and we're here for week eight of football. Just a couple observations about the last game if you -- following me all the -- -- You know that I -- you predicted an upset I was one of the very few people who predicted that the Redskins are gonna beat the Giants and I feel good about that because you know. I really thought they can win and it's got a touchdown with just a little over a minute I thought they had a good chance. And I didn't expect him to lose by that -- I thought maybe the Giants kicked a field goal and -- -- overtime but it is a loss I was wrong. But they still played well and I like that because nobody hung in there and kept going and we had seen that is at that point ask that you think this week playing the Steelers another good team. But a team that hasn't done so well as you 33 so the records not -- were like what they're really yeah. And so it's we figured -- you know I don't look at it well the Steelers -- good defense overall but I think what their weaknesses is against the run it a lot but that yards per carry. And as I said before I think that's really where teams are chipping up as it and against the rest it's because with Griffin back there as mobile as he has -- passes he has. The teams that play a little more tennis so that should help the Redskins. On the other hand. That does does a rough is very great quarterback to kind of Super Bowl winner. And the rest and that we secondary so I'm gonna think that this week Roethlisberger and he was gonna try to exploit that they really haven't done that in previous weeks. Being able to long but I think they can do that so it's going to be tough match but I think that the Redskins have a little bit of momentum I think. With Griffin back it really a lot more back that they believe they can win is on the but the rest gets things in the high scoring game. So but I appreciate the Redskins went 35 to 31 -- -- see how things are counts and I. In the meantime has always want to encourage you to come -- archer could not see there and I also wanna say that hope everybody keeps Victor in this I mean storm up. The forecast is it's NC -- bats though. Hope everybody say and the good weekend and will pocket next time. CSN Washington dot com.