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Charley Casserly breaks down the passing game vs. Steelers



  1. Ben Roethlisberger1:46, 2:18, 2:23
  2. Chris Cooley0:05
  3. Mike Wallace1:49
  4. Antonio Brown1:50
  5. Fred Davis0:55
  6. Moss1:34
  7. ball downfield2:51
Thu, 25 Oct 2012|

Machine Generated Transcript

CSN Washington dot com. Big storyline heading into Sunday is going to be there return of Chris Cooley were you surprised he's back in the Burgundy -- -- Well -- -- is usually what happens when you have a player that was would be in training camp. That gets injured and you have a player in season. But he's a -- season gets injured and no player in camp that knows your system especially a veteran like Cooley. He's usually number one guy on your list because you have to have a guy that can come in Wednesday and be able to play on Sunday. So he's got a grasp the system the advantage Cooley has here having -- can't he could do everything they want in the system -- So no I'm not surprised that he's back with the Redskins and he wanted to be back with -- restaurants do you think he'll have an impact right away. It's hard to say right now because someone yell kind of shape he's in. That that would be my first question is this guy in game shape yes -- know mentally what to do. But I would not expect a big impact from him on Sunday. We're just talking about Fred Davis. One of the Redskins few explosive playmaker is keeping the pressure is on now for the receiving corps to kind of step up. Got absolutely no question about because it is -- defense -- team have a look at that this offense all the receivers in the tight ends that there isn't anybody I got a double cover there's nobody I have to sit there and game plan against so young guy like Leonard hacker sent. Don't they lost last week close a couple plays there that was a deep ball RG three. He put it he put it close enough for me catch the football -- all the time -- and catches the ball goes down -- ground if those plays on the negative side. Whether it's tiger sooner or any the other receivers will get magnified. And a guy like Santana Moss who's in a limited role right now but is producing. Perhaps he'll have to have a big role with this offense. Let's talk about Pittsburgh's receivers. How can the Redskins secondary bounce back against an offense with Ben Roethlisberger at the house and fast receivers like Mike Wallace and Antonio Brown. Why I think there's two aspects of this here when you're defending the passing game of the Pittsburgh sales number one spot again with that with their passing game keep the ball funny yet. Don't give them anything -- deep make him earn it did down the feel good physical play tackling after the catch they're not big receivers they will drop footballs. And finally when you're in the red zone. Mix things up picture blitz and then try to keep mass audience a whole -- feels that's. Hey and that's -- be toughened up would be is Ben Roethlisberger and -- the good news is this offensive line is gonna give you shots that Ben Roethlisberger. Okay they're struggle up of that offensive line you're gonna get some people are gonna beat blocks one all want and get your hands up the problem Roethlisberger is. Yeah this guy is a big human being he is hard to sack. He's bigger than the people tackle them sometimes so you're gonna have to wrap your arms around future. Tackle this guy hi to keep the arms and keep the ball try to force some fumbles. Because this guy will -- tackles and when he does he has a knack to find people open. And throw the ball downfield and make big plays so you're gonna have an -- hits on him make sure when you get them. You get you give Russell's arms -- and don't let that ball -- CSN Washington dot com.

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