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Charley Casserly on Redskins TWO stud rookies



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Thu, 25 Oct 2012|


Csnwashington.com. The Redskins are coming off a tough loss vs the division -- and now they have to grab. A W on the road I'm Jennifer Williams alongside former Redskins GM Charley casserly Charlie. Moving forward what's the one thing that the Redskins have to improve on if they expect a W vs Pittsburgh. What -- pass defense especially given up the Big Easy play here. And the steals have an explosive offense led by Ben Roethlisberger at quarterback they got a great receiving quite a Wallace like up round I guess manager than an old wall on Sunday. And end tight end he got Heath Miller so the big thing is you gotta keep the ball in front -- make him work that way down field when you get the red zone that's when you change you defense up and take two shots there try to hold the field goals. You mentioned Ben Roethlisberger let's talk about. The Redskins signal caller RT three you know -- you've given him high praise as a rookie what how. How would you maybe -- downer described his development in the first few games this season. What -- I don't know that I've seen anything really. Different. In the in the body of the games and -- with a seven games he's played with the Redskins because the fundamental things I saw him do right in training camp he's done throughout the season so what are they. -- one when he sees -- defense he goes to the right guy he can go to one -- receive analogy perfect and that. No -- pretty going go to united. As a rookie seven games into the season the next thing here is -- in the pocket he's incredible in that area how many times have seen him stand in the pocket I -- in training camp. I saw in college and I've seen it as late as this last Sunday. He'll get Russia come right down the middle out of he doesn't flinch he'll take the hit the jaw and and deliver the ball and then throw it accurately -- decision -- been good pocket poise has been good and obviously the athletic ability has always been there to make plays in the option game or running bootleg or making off schedule plays when he runs with the ball. Now the Redskins have another stud rookie on their hands Alfred Morris and I'm he's on everyone's radar but do you think he's getting. The right amount -- -- for what he's been able to do in these first few games. -- maybe hasn't got as much publicity as he should of but I'll say this and and it is a couple things in remember now RG three is one of the reasons offered Morse is successful the offensive line is a group that skating no praise at all. And they deserve a lot of praise the way they've handled run blocking this year and and I think Mike Shanahan and his staff has done outside got a great job scheming and so there's a lot of things that are going into this running game. Besides -- horse who has played well. CSN Washington dot com.

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