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AJ Price, Wizards start well, but can't finish against the Spurs



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Fri, 26 Oct 2012|

Machine Generated Transcript

CSN Washington dot com. So the Wizards finish up the pre season at three in five and little did he know when he was acquired in July it's a free agent. That AJ prices probably going to be the guy to lead this team into battle from the point guard spot in Cleveland it's looking that way. Well I mean yeah. Coming into this league you always have to. Keep yourself we're -- possibility. You don't players get hurt you don't -- juries are -- so. You've got him with the attitude that some of the work hard for us -- after the win over half. That's what it's good victory DJ Bryce good but probably the most. The bullet point guard this business and thought this looked pre season. -- -- Jordan Crawford in your system while we've also shot the ball very well. And you might have a point guard this year but you know what the Jets will. What five of died tonight three of five from long range we can definitely shoot that three pointer finished with thirteen points. Had a couple publicist. Impressive first half for the Wizards unable to complete the game here tonight they led by as many as thirteen we saw a lot of positives from this team that first stanza. We'll certainly good start we talked about that be one of Ortiz and they got off to their good start the execute well defensively as well as offensively. They had even with the players they -- this it was so good ball movement the assist numbers were very good. So you -- with the obviously you have to sustain that you played against that team it's that more defensively so. Hats off to -- that get yourself ready for Tuesday down. Overall the Wizards shoot 37%. From the floor tonight. Tough second half they fault of the San Antonio Spurs 100. 85 starts for real next Tuesday in Cleveland Phil and I will be with you there and you'll see at right here. On Comcast sports net with still shooting -- but chance in San Antonio. Back to you at Bethesda. CSN Washington dot com.

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