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Laura Lane of UPS ready for another run at the Marine Corps Marathon



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Sat, 27 Oct 2012|

Machine Generated Transcript

CSN Washington dot com. Laura lane is president of global public affairs for UPS. As you can imagine it's a position that keeps her very busy. Well war is also an actor -- and -- corps marathon is a very special place for her and her thing. I'm married to left former marine I won't rag on the American Embassy in Bogota Columbia he's been on my side for the past twenty years. He's the one who inspired me to start running. -- and I ran first Marine Corps marathon together in 2002. After our two girls were finally sleeping through the night. And I had enough stamina that they train and none that different from him and we've been running together that person. What's really exciting now -- girls run with us. So every year it's become a family tradition -- not run in the Marine Corps marathon and that's right and I. The girls are run by an exciting feeling grateful thankful. And get through. This year stuff. -- Firings starting and so forth and paid. And proud to be doing that at the UPS there and it also proud running through me. UPS just isn't a sponsor of the marathon team -- they provide one of the most essential services that day. Making sure the writers have their race -- after the race and that is no small feat when you're talking about more than 30000 -- The ten years that I have been money and did all the things that I've been wearing before the race starts over there friendly UPS driver. Who makes sure it's delivered on time they finish line at the end of the race no matter how fast that their house while I've gone. They've got my base bag at the end of it but we've also got UPS's that are going to be running the race. They're all going to be wearing T shirts that -- -- that we are proud to support our troops. And the back and have a UPS tracking label. That says track that. Because all of our runners are going to be crossing that finish line and you'll be following us all along race course. Csnwashington.com.

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