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Sun, 28 Oct 2012|



CSN Washington dot com rob cross and about the big -- Stephen Bowen rob. Project thanks so much -- their first drive of the game make or twelve plays sort of thinking don't hit a couple. So like you -- what you guys lined up and they have the right play calls it just one of those days today.

Knotts in my have horses do some very good game plan and resiliency working you know where today in the business done soon. You know we didn't result we have -- you know -- the stuff home third.

You knew coming into this game have been rough is very got to that internal clock has to go 67 seconds rather have three of four. He made some of those very plays late in the in the plays again today.

me users of Pro Bowl or -- every year. And aggressive had a great game plan and we just got to improve from this game move forward.

When you are watching an offense so many drops they couldn't get going. The discouraging news big plays -- drives could have extended it also -- to get back on the field against.

No please sturgeon knows defense I was -- an opportunity to make clues and I give office of opportunity get out there you know. This was not do that.

Last week a tough loss in the last minute you take -- leave this one was obviously from the start. Easier to bounce back from this and you just say look they they were the better team today we go back to drawing board tomorrow.

We I think Ville looked the film tomorrow see what things we we did wrong and you know -- we've got to work with and move on the Terrell long. Resulting by any means rather race and really gets his decision once.

Guys are going to proceed bone a save in as the primary joy and I've really -- we've felt that he feels would be the strong part of this team in. I'll watch you all week in and week out now what seems to be a problem if you can put trophy or it affected the pass rush and also covers in the second there.

You know long as it is very frustrating you know because I know worked hard we work every day. And -- when we discuss the -- the DL and everybody just do this job you know and also do more than his job.

Yes they've -- this Charley casserly of sorry about the game today. You'll wind up against Max starts going into this game. Was there any kind of playing you had. To go against Starks and and individually how did that plan work itself last that I.

You know I know Max is a big man and he just has kind of given your way. So on the Roy did a much shorter control of this I could. And you know I just try to -- players -- contained but someone that does it sting a little -- so they do a lot of quick game new game plan -- so.

I've still going at the midway point of the season we'll see next -- the Carolina Panthers. I think you've Garcia Bowen CSN Washington dot com.

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