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Cooley: "This is our worst performance as a team.



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Sun, 28 Oct 2012|

Machine Generated Transcript

CSN Washington dot com. -- over fear the Redskins insider on CSN Washington dot com joins us now -- what about the drops more guys in the locker room talking about. You know I was really curious -- to know if the weather played a factor in that I mean it was drizzling it was chilly was raw. -- tankers is it yeah the weather was not great but at the end of the day it was players not making plays and dropping balls hi Josh Morgan's at the same thing. So we know it that they all felt bad that it really affected Roberts in the third stat line but there's -- -- have to bounce back from a somehow. That would about a better like Chris Cooley and -- -- see it. You know I talked to crystal we are sought him -- because here's a guy who has played against the Redskins and almost a year Pacino he's much in the very closely on television at night he didn't mince words he said this was the worst performance he's seen all season. From the guys and you know when when the horse like that come from a veteran leader you got to take him seriously. Pittsburgh's. Unit just seem to keep the guys off balance today especially on the defensive front what did you learn from it. That's exactly what Barry Cofield told me he said that. Been Roethlisberger and the Pittsburgh office did a great job of mixing passes short and long but also mixing those passes with one plays and it just kept -- -- on the heels trying to guess what was coming next and obviously it did not work for them another -- a very Cofield said that I found interesting is -- you know what was really disappointing about this loss -- for the first time. All season they weren't in the team in the fourth quarter he said that's his deal and haven't had in awhile. No -- no doubt by target this year. Redskins insider thanks very much appreciate it. CSN Washington dot com.

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