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London Fletcher tries to keep the peace between Deangelo Hall and officials


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CSN Washington dot com. At that point you know wasn't he wasn't on -- me that already thrown two pins -- I think there already decided there and kicking my -- I just didn't want. Well in. What situation -- get any worse Kwame even though he was and again I just really didn't -- one. Make it work for him CSN Washington dot com.

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    CSN Washington dot com. it's always fun open united home. First time being here for our home fans and it should be great atmosphere of Boston coming in here and we should be excited about us anticipates his his Rupe before too and I am. I'm real excited my friend is going to be you know some of I see from the Simon isn't on my town is city sort of speaks around and have to. Due to represent just so we're okay we're doing as well as my teammates and we don't have a big you have a great team this year and he's totally offense you have supporters took over here. CSN Washington dot com.

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    CSN Washington dot com. It's a huge boost to the players it's. Gives us motivation this drive to push and where it's been retired south. Renunciation. They're they're good twelve man and and we around and strong numbers on Saturday for sure I do think we ought to go to for the right reasons. I think there's certain. Good out of that and I think both teams feel the the goodwill in this and and I think. The good will probably go out the window once that's whistle blows but that's great that's what we want we want an energetic passionate. Game. And series in between DC New York. Is obviously our goal to get in the playoffs this year TS in the playoffs and but it doesn't here for us you know. You know yeah we're happy that we're here so more this year. And so I think the guys are hunger for almost CSN Washington dot com.

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    CSN Washington dot com. Yeah we need to win this game we need to start of second of the season have a great game and I don't get discouraging contention so we knew we need to go out muscles weaker at kind of talked about this being a must win this team wants to the playoffs. Did do you feel that way did you see that on the practice field this week. Yeah I think and we knew three of five I think every game from here and then when when three if I can lose too much more so you know be no way every week I think to the season's over. CSN Washington dot com.

  4. With no Winter Classic, will there by a hockey season?

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    CSN Washington dot com. Part Jack this is just terrible terrible news it that we all saw coming all along I've been saying that was the season would start. The made for TV event winter classic so what does this mean for the NHL. Well for one it means that it's going to be a longer wait than any of us had hoped I think that a lot of people thought for the winter classic would be. Then the breaking point if they don't get the winner class again there's no regular season. I don't think that's going to be the case. But it definitely puts a lot of pressure on these flyers to come to the table and don't accept what the owners are offering and so far they haven't done that. So I think that's one thing we're gonna have to look at where resistance. What kind of wait is this kind of placed on the players and will get a deal done because. The NHL's walking away from 25 million dollars it cost three million dollars to have this. But if they they can get back 25 million dollars in revenue so that's a big chunk of change they're walking away from and that means they mean business. But this news comes in the same day you hear news that they are gonna talk again soon. Can they get this done is this gonna force the flyers. I think it it it's gonna. Forced them to get to the table and that's what they have to deal. They haven't talked for two weeks so the players have to get to the table they've been asking owners we wanna negotiate with cable we also want to negotiate on the terms of the contract that you brought out. With a lot of variations. The owners are saying. We will talk about this but it's pretty much no different than what we laid on my own table before so. I think what has happened here is the players have to come to the table they're gonna take less than they want this the way it works in professional sports the players almost always. owners have unlimited funds the players only have so much money so we have seen a season start in late January once upon a time or is there a point where you say. I know we getting close to a point where you say there's just season. Well I think the last time it happened was 9495. And they settled on January 11 and started playing January 20. So there is time I think that was a 48 game season it was actually good hockey if it was like playoff hockey practice lawyers you have so it was it was a lot of fun to watch but. The NHL I think fifty is the breaking point. And you have to get in that at least fifty right around the fifty mark and to do that you have settled by sometime mid to late December so there is time. I still don't think the season's going to be wiped away I know I maybe in the minority but I think there's going to be hockey and it will be shortened season about fifty game. We talked a couple of times in earnest now is with you for a long time. I'm starting on the other direction the clock is ticking chuck Gormley thanks so much for your views on this CSN Washington dot com.